Hawaii Reef Advocate Joins Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Board

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Robert Wintner aka Snorkel Bob

MAUI, HAWAII–This week Robert Wintner accepted a position on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Board of Directors. Wintner is known in Hawaii as Snorkel Bob and for defense of marine species and habitat.

Wintner said, “I join the Sea Shepherd Board of Directors in the continuing spirit of protecting family and friends. And I welcome Sea Shepherd to the campaign to ban the aquarium trade worldwide. I’ve sailed with Captain Paul Watson and find him true in the heart, a man with one fear: that we will not defend marine wildlife to the fullest possible extent.”
Sea Shepherd President Paul Watson said, “The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is honored that Robert Wintner has accepted our invitation to join our Board of Directors. Mr. Wintner is known in Hawaii as Snorkel Bob. He is a veteran of Sea Shepherd campaigns and participated in the 2001 Eastern Caribbean Campaign when we exposed illegal whaling operations in the waters of St. Lucia and St. Vincent.
Robert Wintner has championed the cause of reef fish for many years and with him comes the passion he has had for defending these fish from the ravages of the Aquarium trade. Millions of reef fish die every year to feed the hobbyist, who strip the reefs of the world bare of life. Sea Shepherd is very much concerned for these fish and Robert Wintner is the man to translate our concerns into action.
We may lose support from people who keep captive fish for a hobby but as always our clients are the creatures of the sea, and not the people who exploit them. We would hope that all people who are concerned for the sea will recognize the importance of protecting reef eco-systems worldwide, and that if any of our supporters do have aquarium fish, we would hope they will care for the fish they have, and refrain from purchasing any additional fish.”

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  2. Wow Fluffy!
    All I see from Sea Shepherd is cair and love, in contrast all I see from you is anger and hatred. Unfortunately there is a glut of people like you which is why we are in such dire trouble.
    P.S. I believe that Sea Shepherd is predominantly vegetarian so it would probably be avocado and crackers. Why don't you go off and get rid of your anger by murdering and consuming the flesh of a helpless animal now big boy!

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