Hawaii Reporter Turns 2 Years Old-Send In Comments for Overview

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Well, numerous critics said it would never happen. That ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ was started just to help get more conservative candidates into office in the 2002 election and that after the general election, the paper would be shut down. The critics claimed ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ would never survive its first year. Then when ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ made it to over 2 million hits in one year, with more people signing up for news headlines every day, the critics began to find other ways to undermine ”’Hawaii Reporter,”’ including three hack attacks, which shut down the paper temporarily.

Well, so far the critics are wrong. ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ turns 2 years old this week.


That is in large part because of the many, many supporters who have contributed to ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ by investing, subscribing to the news, joining the ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ First Amendment Club, advertising, contracting ”’Hawaii Reporter’s”’ research division, or by subscribing to the public record section, which offers them 20 kinds of public record and a tracking feature.

Please join other ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ supporters and send your comments about ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ to mailto:Malia@HawaiiReporter.com and they will be posted Friday in an article that looks back over the last two years and celebrates the freedom to report the real news and the First Amendment.

To find out more about supporting ”’Hawaii Reporter,”’ also write to mailto:Malia@HawaiiReporter.com or Jay McWilliams at mailto:Jay@HawaiiReporter.com