Hawaii Residents Consume the 3rd-Lowest Amount of Energy

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Hawaii residents consume the 3rd-lowest amount of energy per person nationwide, according to a newly launched nonprofit website EnergyTrends.org

According to the Institute, “The website tracks vital indicators for energy and electricity use, as well as which fuels (like coal, natural gas or renewables) are used to generate electricity, and ranks states in each category. It also analyzes data from recent years, providing easy-to-read indicators to show overall trends.”


EnergyTrends, a project of the Arlington-based Lexington Institute, notes in its recent report:

  • “Hawaii’s Honolulu Museum of Art received an energy rebate after completing an energy efficiency retrofit project. The $346,026 incentive is the largest rebate from Hawaii Energy given to a charitable organization to date.
  • “Due to Hawaii’s isolation from the continental U.S., close to 90 percent of Hawaii’s energy comes from petroleum.
  • “Hawaii is one of the lowest users of energy per capita in the America.
  • “Hawaii is one of three states in America to produce synthetic natural gas and has the third largest geothermal generation capacity in the U.S.
  • “Hawaii recently changed its renewable portfolio standards to require that 40 percent of its electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2030.”

Earlier this year, EnergyTrends assigned Hawaii a letter grade of D+ for what the institute said is “based on renewable energy patterns.” (For Renewable Energy Scoring Methodology click here)

The grade is based on 2010 energy data recently released by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Institute said.

“It is our hope that the information on EnergyTrends.org will be useful for everyone from schools to elected officials to keep track of their state’s critical energy consumption and generation patterns,” said Don Soifer, Executive Vice President of the Lexington Institute.