Hawaii Residents for Romney-Ryan Rally at the Capitol on Friday

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (courtesy of GOP)
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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (courtesy of GOP)

HONOLULU- As polls showcase continued momentum for Governor Mitt Romney in this presidential election, dozens will gather from around Oahu today to show their aloha and support for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

What: Hawaii for Romney-Ryan Sign Waving and Rally
When: Friday, October 19, 2012, 3:00-6:00pm
Where: Hawaii State Capitol

“This was planned to show solidarity with the thousands of Women across the nation, who are holding Women for Romney-Ryan rallies tomorrow,” said Elevila Giles, co-chairwoman of Women for Romney-Ryan, Hawaii.  “We thought it was really important for the people of Hawaii to see they had a choice this election, even though our state is so politically lopsided.”  Giles was one of eighteen Romney delegates and alternates selected to represent the Aloha State in Tampa, Florida this year at the Republican National Convention.


In March, Romney won convincingly during Hawaii’s first ever Republican presidential caucus in March of 2012, taking more than 45 percent of the vote and earning 9 of 17 delegates that were up for grabs.  Hawaii for Romney-Ryan has been active since March organizing phone banks to call undecided voters in battle ground states, identifying likely Romney-Ryan voters to vote in Hawaii and galvanizing participation and support for Republicans from the top of the ticket down.

Submitted by Fritz Rohlfing, Chairman, Hawaii for Romney-Ryan