Hawaii Residents Push for Legislature to Deregulate Electric Utilities

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BY ED WAGNER – To all Hawaii Residents With High Electric Bills, A request has been made of the Hawaii State Legislature to introduce and pass legislation in 2012 to deregulate our electric utility and bring an end to its monopolistic stranglehold on our electric rates and our energy future.


You can call or email your senator and representative to support this long overdue and landmark legislation.



This is the first of two messages to all Hawaii Residents about ending our utility monopoly and freeing ourselves from our dependence on oil and high electric rates.

These actions are necessary because Gov. Neil Abercrombie has failed to follow through on his energy plan so we the people must take action just as Occupy WallStreet is taking action because our Federal Government has failed us just like our Hawaii State Government has failed us.

The second message by December 15 will be a request for online petition signatures with a goal of 1,000 signatures from Hawaii residents by Jan 31, 2012.

Gov. Abercrombie calls out our Utility monopoly in his Energy Plan but has failed to follow through on the plan, which states in part: “We have a regulatory system and a utility monopoly that were built for a time and public purpose that are in the past. If we do not fundamentally change our ap- proach, we will not reach our goals. Hawaii’s boundless renewable energy potential is bottlenecked in our archaic utility structure. Their monopolistic control is often at odds with the public interest in the world beyond fossil fuels. Democratizing energy requires the creation of a free market in energy so that we can deploy clean energy sources and our entrepreneurs can create new jobs.To reach our goals we must consider an integrated ap- proach, which means working closely with communities and ensuring that their interests in affordable and environmentally sustainable energy produc- tion are honored. We will look at sound practices and science, hold open discussions where all views are taken into consideration, and make firm decisions.”

Call or email your senator and representative to support this long overdue and landmark legislation if you want 20 cents a KWh electric rates instead of 30 to 45 and climbing.