Hawaii Soldier honored for Selfless Act

Sgt. Maj. Gerardo Gonzalez,
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Sgt. Maj. Gerardo Gonzalez,
Sgt. Maj. Gerardo Gonzalez,

By Sgt. Jessica DuVernay, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade – WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii – A Soldier assigned to 209th Aviation Support Battalion, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, was honored with an Army Commendation Medal, on Wheeler Army Airfield Aug. 14, for his heroic actions in aiding to save a young girl’s life.

Sgt. Maj. Gerardo Gonzalez, the 25th CAB support operations sergeant major, was visiting Pokai Bay with his family June 15, when he heard a man screaming for help in the water.  After quickly ensuring his children were out of the water and safely with his wife, Gonzalez moved over to the man who was holding a young girl and struggling to keep her above water.


“My first thought was to make sure that my kids were secure and out of the water,” explained Gonzalez. “My second thought was I need to get to
the gentleman carrying the girl because he was struggling so I need to get there fast.”

Gonzalez began to perform life saving procedures while moving towards the shore with the girl. Once he arrived on the beach, he continued to perform life saving procedures until the girl expelled the water in her lungs and started to breathe weakly on her own. Gonzalez continued to
monitor the girl and perform CPR until Life Guards arrived to take over and transport the girl to the ambulance.

“It was just training,” said Gonzales. “There was nothing else that was coming to my mind and I just kept going until the Life Guards were

Following his experience with saving the girl, today Gonzalez focuses even more on talking to his Soldiers about the dangers around them
and how fast an accident can happen.

“We are American Soldiers and we put on the uniform everyday knowing that there’s danger for everything that we do, but then we go home and we are spending time with our families,” said Gonzales. “Then something like this happens and it makes you more aware of the dangers every day, not just the dangers that you’re deployed or in combat or even doing some training, but everyday life is always more dangerous.”

The 209th ASB chose to award Gonzalez because he put the safety of others above his own.

“Sgt. Maj. Gonzalez is getting this award because he really went above and beyond performing his duty as a Soldier on and off duty,” said Maj. William Hanna, 209th ASB executive officer. “He was selfless and went out of his way to save a little girls life.”

Gonzalez reflected on the event stating he is thankful he was there. “I don’t know if I’m proud or honored.  I just know that I’m glad God put me in the right place so I could have an effect on the little one’s life so she could continue to be with her family.”