Hawaii Unemployment Report

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The Hawaii weekly unemployment statistics update is now on the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism Internet site at:

Shown below are some 2010 trends based on the weekly unemployment data – initial claims filed.


• Since the beginning of 2010, statewide initial unemployment claims remained close to or slightly below last year’s figures. In recent weeks, however, there has been a noticeable downward trend in the number of initial filings.

• Since February 2010, the number of initial claims on Oahu has fallen below the number filed last year and this trend still continues.

• Beginning in March 2010, the number of initial claims filed in Hawaii County rose and remained higher than the number filed during the previous year. But in recent weeks, the number of initial claims filed has fallen below the level experienced during the same period last year.

• Starting in January 2010, the number of Maui initial claims has stayed well below the number of claims filed during the previous year.

• Initial unemployment claims on Kauai have been close to the 2009 levels since February 2010, while January 2010 claims were lower than those filed in January 2009.