Hawaiian super mom debuts humorous and thought provoking novel

Monica K K Lee
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Monica K K Lee

“Welcome to paradise where kids go hungry, single moms get taken advantage of, poverty runs rampant, and deadbeat dads plot deaths to avoid paying child support.

Not the gorgeous, scenic, tourist-laden Hawaii that most people dream about, but for three young sisters: Wendy (12-years-old) Amanda (9-years-old) and Stephanie (5-years-old) it’s life.”


Set in Mililani, at the center of O’ahu, “Fricken Kids” tells the story of the year when three girls were neglected and forced to fend for themselves for three weeks.   The sisters remain strong and together, however, adapting to their situations by using humor as their strength.  The story is narrated by nine-year-old Amanda Nakamura, a mixed Hawaiian-Asian-Caucasian-Native American keiki, and takes place in the mid ‘80’s, when Mom and Pop stores (Arakawa’s, Cornet, Gibson’s and Gems) ruled, and when Garbage Pail Kids, Ninja Stars, playing outside, and Saturday morning cartoons were on every kid’s mind.

“Fricken Kids,” published by Makali’i Productions, is available for purchase online, on AmazonKindlebookstore,Barnesand Noble Nook store, and  will be released in the iTunes bookstore and as an audible audio book shortly.

Lee, a graduate with a Bachelor’s in English from Chaminade University has been working towards publication for over a decade while raising and homeschooling her five children.  She has previously published her poems and short stories in several literary journals including local publications, “Hawaii Review,” “Vice-Versa,” and, “’Oiwi—a Native Hawaiian Journal Volume 4.”






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