Hawaii’s Congressional Election Still in Play

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Elections 2012
Graphic: Emily Metcalf

BY JO-ANN M. ADAMS – The results published today in the Civil Beat shows that the 2nd Congressional District is still very fluid and in play.  We are pleased that voters realize that this is not just a two-person race, particularly given the amount of money spent on paid media by Mufi Hannemann, Tulsi Gabbard and Bob Marx.

We anticipate that through upcoming statewide televised debates and the kick-off of our paid media campaign, we will be able to draw an increasing number of voters as they see the candidates, side-by-side and get to know Esther.


When you review those, such Patsy Mink, Daniel Akaka, Ed Case and Mazie Hirono, who have represented the 2nd Congressional District we have continued faith that voters will take a serious look at all the candidates in this race, and will make their decision based on merit and experience.  After all, it is the voters who will elect their next Congressperson.


Jo-Ann M. Adams is the manager of the Kiaaina for Congress Campaign