Hawaii’s Libertarian Candidates Field Record Number of Candidates

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Hawaii libertarian party logoBy Tracy Ryan – The Libertarian Party has fielded a record number of candidates for the 2014 election.  The 17 on the ballot this year will surpass the previous high of 13 in 1998 and is a big step forward from recent years.

Led by Jeff Davis for Governor (who can be heard daily on KGU 760AM from 5 to 6 PM) and including five for state senate, eight for state house, a US Congress and a US Senate hopeful and a candidate for Lt. Governor, this is an impressive list both in numbers and in the quality and talents included.  Jeff’s friend, former city councilman Tom Berg, will run for a state house seat.


Candidates include

Michael Kokoski is running for US Senate. Michael was convicted years ago for distributing LSD at a Grateful Dead concert.  During his period in prison he became a student of law and the constitution. His campaign is focused on educating the public about the threat to our freedoms that the unconstitutional drug policies of the Federal Government represent.

Joe Kent is an elementary school music teacher who was a Ron Paul delegate to the Republican national convention in 2102. He seeks to become the new representative for the Second US Congressional District. Joe speaks well on behalf of teachers concerning the overbearing rules and regulations, the problematic “common core”, and the problems they have with their union.

Cindy Marlin for Lt. Governor is currently the Big Island coordinator of the Libertarian Party. A member for over a decade, Cindy has served the party in many capacities including legislative liaison and chair.

Three Hawaii county state senate seats will be contested by Libertarians Gregory Arianoff, (Senate 1 in Hilo), Michael Last (Senate 3 in Kona) and Alian Schiller (Senate 4 in Hamakua).  All of these men will face a Democrat in the general election with no Republican in their races.  First time candidates Arianoff and Schiller grew up overseas and speak multiple languages.    Candidate Last has run before, but is new to the party.  He has opted to accept no campaign contributions.

Big Island house races will include Eric Weinert, (House 1 in Hamakua/North Hilo), Fred Fogel (House 3, from Keeau to Volcano) and Jon Lalanne (House 5 in South Point/South Kona).  Fogel has run several times and like Michael Last refuses to accept money for his campaigns. Jon Lalanne is the son of the famous fitness guru Jack Lalanne.  He is new to both the libertarian movement and to politics.  Eric Weinert is a long time Libertarian Party member who is running for the first time.  Eric is very involved in agricultural issues and expects to run a highly competitive campaign.  He will face a Democrat only in the general election.  Both Fogel and Lalanne who had been geared up for the Democrats saw a Republican jump into their races right before the filing deadline.

The Libertarian Party will feature two candidates on Maui.  Bronson Kaahui will seek the 6th Senate District which is west Maui. Pat Brock is running in the 11th House District which is south and some west.   Bronson is a new libertarian whose father has run for office as a Democrat in the past.  He will face a Democrat and another late entry Republican.  Pat Brock will have only a Democratic opponent.  Pat is a former candidate for US Congress, former editor of the Hawaii Libertarian newsletter, and the state party’s secretary.

The last of the state senate candidates and four more state house candidates will be running on Oahu.  Former Honolulu City Councilman Tom Berg is running for the 41st House Seat.  Tom came forward after the Republicans drove their candidate off the ballot.  There are now a bunch of people running there including two Republicans, two Democrats and Tom.

Anthony Higa’s campaign for the 19th house (Kapahulu/Kahala) is one worth paying attention to.  Anthony has been actively campaigning for months.  He will face an incumbent Democrat and another late entry Republican in the general election.

Al Frenzel came forward as a candidate and libertarian very recently. He will run in a three way race with an incumbent Democrat and Green for the 44th house seat in Waianae.

Kai Takayama is in the race for Kaneohe’s 48th district along with a group of Democrats, Republicans and a non-partisan.  Kai is a Libertarian Party newcomer from the Ron Paul movement.

Raymond Banda is running for the 18th senate race in central Oahu.  Raymond is one of the many young libertarians who have come forward in the last couple of years.  He faces a Democrat and yet another of the last minute Republican challengers.
Tracy Ryan is the LPH Chair. Reach her at tracyar@hawaiiantel.net