Hawaii’s Proposed Helmet Law Will Take Away Choice, Freedom from Moped and Bike Riders

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I was the only person in the entire state to testify against Senate Bill 48 when it came before the Senate Transportation and Government Operations Committee recently.

This bill would make helmets mandatory for moped riders and bicyclists under the age 18.


The bill is based on misinformation and emotionalism. My testimony debunked this bill line by line, but unfortunately mine was only one voice and the committee passed the bill.

SB48 will go through other committees before coming before the full legislature for a vote.

Unless there is a public outcry against this blatant paternalism all those under 18 years old better get used to wearing helmets, and all parents better get used to the government acting like a parenting.

Incidentally, those who think mandatory helmets are a good idea can start wearing them now, and all the time.

The major causes of TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) are car crashes, violence and falls.

Shouldn’t everyone wear helmets then? And if just one life was saved wouldn’t it be worth it?

”’Warren Woodward, a resident of Kihei, Hawaii, can be reached via email at”’ mailto:wildmanwarren@hotmail.com

”’Editor’s Note: To email testimony on this bill, write to all lawmakers at sens@capitol.hawaii.gov and reps@capitol.hawaii.gov”’