Hawaii’s Weekly Unemployment Rates

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Graphic by Emily Metcalf

The weekly unemployment statistics update is now on our Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism Internet site at:



Shown below is a table containing this week’s unemployment data – initial claims filed as compared to the same week last year.

“Initial claims” initiate a determination of eligibility to begin a claimant’s benefit year (new claims) or subsequent period of unemployment (additional claims) within the benefit year.


* Agent claims are filed in Hawaii against another state.

Statewide initial unemployment claims decreased by 22.6%, with this week’s total filings of 1,599 and filings during the same week in 2011 of 2,067.

Comparing 2012 to 2011 for the counties:

· Oahu had 317 fewer claims filed
· Hawaii had 133 fewer claims filed
· Maui had 4 fewer claims filed
· Kauai had 5 fewer claims filed
· Agent had 9 fewer claims filed

In percentage changes, comparing the current week to the same week a year ago:

· Oahu had a 25.3% decrease
· Hawaii had a 33.2% decrease
· Maui had a 1.7% decrease
· Kauai had a 3.9% decrease
· Agent had a 19.1% decrease





  1. Oh please, unemployment rates are down because Hawaii is one of the few states actually WONT extend it for people unemployed. I have been looking for work been on dozens of interviews even got a PT job, Hawaii cut off my benefits then said I need to make more to get it again! born and raised here and moving to mainland this place is a joke!

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