Help Discourage Illegal Drugs in Your Neighborhood

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If you want to discourage illegal drugs in your neighborhood, contact the Drug Nuisance Abatement Unit at the state attorney general’s office. Here are some details on who we are and what you can do.

”What is Our Job?”


Discourage crystal meth (or illegal drugs) use statewide by reminding landlords that it’s their responibility to prohibit illegal activity on their properties.

”How are We Going to Get It Done?”

Working with police, prosecutors and the community, we will identify the most serious landlord offenders. We will use every legal means, including injunctions and forfeitures to stop illegal drug activity.

”How Can You Help?”

*1. Use “Tough Love” if illegal drug use is found in your family (it is not easy but it must be done — we can offer suggestions).

*2. Be intolerant to “Ice” activity in your neighborhood. Be vocal and take action. (Report drug activity here.)

*3. Get involved. Join your local community association. Be our eyes and ears and report observed illegal drug activity to the police. Sign “anti-drug neighborhood” petitions or letters that are sent to property owners where drug dealers reside.

”Report Drug Activity Here”

Contact your local councilperson, state Representative or state Senator and let them know what’s going on.

”Reality Check”

It is impossible for the police and prosecutors to resolve the “Ice” problem alone. The entire community must work together with law enforcement to stop “Ice.”

Law enforcement has limitations regarding what it can or can’t do. Be patient and try to understand that the police must follow due process. The illegal drug problem didn’t happen overnight. Expect the same amount of time it took for “Ice” to become a problem for it to be stopped.

”What Can I do if I Suspect Someone is Dealing Drugs in My Neighborhood?”

Do not confront a suspected drug dealer or user. People under the influence of a narcotic can suffer from hallucination, paranoia and other adverse reactions from drug use.

If confronted by a drug dealer or user, contact 911 immediately.

If you suspect someone is dealing drugs in your neighborhood, you can call the Honolulu Police Department Narcotics Vice Division at 808-529-3101 and ask to file a complaint.

Information needed to help investigators with your complaint include:

*1. Location: Exact address (if possible) or description of location.

*2. Suspects: Names — full names, any personal information will help.

*3. Description: Height, weight, hair color, eye color, complexion, type of clothing worn, ethnic background

*4. Vehicles: License plate numbers (Hawaii, California, etc.) of any vehicles used by the suspects, description of vehicles (color, 1 or 2 door, etc.)

*5. Drugs: Type of drug that you believe is being sold or used.

*6. Activity: What type of activity is happening to make you believe that possible drug dealing is occurring: Vehicles coming and going at all hours — Loud parties all the time — People coming and going frequently.

*7. Date and Time: Note the time that the illegal activity is occurring (try to be accurate. Example: During the morning hours between 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. This helps the investigator).

*8. Contact Number: Complaints can be made anonymously, but a name and contact number can help the investigator greatly. All information is kept confidential.

”Contact Phone Numbers”

*Special Agent Nixon Medina (808)586-1244
*Special Agent John Isabelo (808)587-4374

The Investigations Division Drug Nuisance Abatement Unit is located at 425 Queen Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Hotline Numbers include:

*(808) 586-1328 – Oahu
*800-9NO-METH (800-966-6384) – Neighbor Islands
*Fax: (808) 586-1371