Hirono Files U.S. Senate Nomination Papers; Case Says He Hopes Hirono Will Come Out from Behind Her ‘Infomercials’ and Washington Handlers

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Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, filed her nomination papers today for the U.S. Senate race. She’s taking on former Congressman Ed Case in the primary, and if successful, will be pitted against former Gov. Linda Lingle or former State Senator John Carroll.
In a written statement, Hirono said:  “Today my candidacy became official and although I am the candidate, this is not a journey that I am taking alone. The people of Hawaii are on this journey with me toward a brighter and stronger and more sustainable Hawaii for all of us.”
As Hirono does each time she speaks publicly, she referenced her childhood:

“My personal journey started as a little girl in Japan where my mother endured an abusive husband until she bravely escaped him and brought my brother and me to America and Hawaii.  Those early years were tough.  She raised three children by herself.  As a single mother she held low paying jobs with no job security, and no health care.  Growing up my greatest fear was that my mother would get sick and not be able to work.  We were living paycheck to paycheck the way too many of our families are living today. I understand what families are facing.  That’s why I am so focused on getting our economy back on track and creating jobs for our people. My mother showed me to be strong and never give up fighting for Hawaii’s people and my record shows it.”

Case, who already filed for that U.S. Senate seat, said today he welcomes Hirono to the August 11th primary election.
“Hawaii voters deserve a choice of who can provide strong effective leadership in the United States Senate over the next generation,” Case added.

After Case agreed to participate in some one dozen joint forums and debates with Hirono, she’s agreed to show up at just five, and won’t be in any major network television debates on Hawaii’s major news outlets.

Hirono claims making five appearances before the primary is “unprecedented,” but Case said today: “I hope Mazie changes her mind and agrees to statewide televised debates and other joint appearances that actually reach the majority of voters.
Case, who released 10 reports detailing his plans if elected, and his congressional record from 2002 to 2007, while Hirono has released just one statement on “sustainability”, added: “I also hope she (Hirono) releases her actual record, beliefs, and agenda so that voters know exactly what she’s done, what she thinks, and what she’ll do.
“I hope Mazie agrees that candidates for the critical office of United States Senator shouldn’t just hide behind thirty second infomercials made and paid for by special interest PACs and other DC insiders. That’s the Washington way, and that way just isn’t working for the rest of us.”





  1. Lazy Mazie is a hypocrite and a lowlife. A hypocrite because she brings her dear mother up at every opportunity after having a major conniption fit because Ed Case mentioned that it’s time the candidates moved beyond telling everybody for the umpteenth time about their childhoods and backgrounds. A lowlife because when Case suggested they start debating the issues, Lazy pulled out one of the most dastardly dirty tricks possible: to accuse someone of slurring and slandering somebody’s mother. Lazy knows good and well that Case did no such thing so it proves two things about Lazy. First, she has no scruples or morals. Second, she believes Hawaii’s peasants — er, I mean voters — are stupid.

  2. Hawaii’s AJA voters generally vote by ethnically. They mostly vote Dem, but more so if the candidate is AJA. Ed Case’s spouse may be AJA, but she’s not the candidate.

    AJA candidates are often submissive to the party leaders. They rarely go off the reservation. They are not independent thinkers. Thus whatever Dan says, goes. Independent thinking is not viewed as a favorable character trait, especially if it offends a special interest. This is why Dan would never, ever back someone like Case. This is why Dan doesn’t like Cayetano.

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