Holding State Employees Accountable

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Just read the ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ article “Befitel Beef: Befitel Sanctioned by Governor for Employee Incident” I am appalled, but not surprised, that people such as Mr. James Decker continue to work in our state government. There is a need for “high ranking, union protected positions” in the Hawaii state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations — but not for people who impede progress, lie and impugn their credibility. I don’t understand why Mr. Decker did not suffer any consequences for his behavior.

Although difficult, I respect your actions in holding Mr. Befitel accountable. I certainly hope you, or the appropriate authorities, hold Mr. Decker accountable for his behavior. I fully support Mr. Befitel continuing his Herculean task of cleaning out the Augean stables at the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. It clearly stinks there.


Also, in fighting for Family Court accountability and reform, I have learned that the sleazy actors scream and fight the hardest right before they go down. I certainly hope that same dynamic is occurring all across our state government.

”’Tom Marzec is a resident of Kailua, Hawaii.”’