Hollywood and the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii

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BY RANDY BRUMMETT RA – Kauai is as big of a star in Hollywood as anyone could ever dream of becoming with countless roles playing every back drop, and representing every tropical climate around the world. Who will ever forget the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park?

Kauai has become so famous that it finally had a chance to play itself in the movie entitled ‘The Descendants’ starring George Clooney and Judy Greer. Filming took place on Oahu and Kauai.


According to an article in the Garden Island News, George Parra, co-producer of ‘The Descendants,’ spoke about the good vibe he felt on the island.

Parra said they were taken aback with how they were welcomed with open arms at the St. Regis Princeville Resort, and that the people there were incredibly wonderful as hosts. George Clooney and others stayed there, and filming took place there as well.

Parra also said that approximately $15 million of the $20 million budget was spent filming on Kauai and upwards of 200 to 300 extras were hired. The release date of the film is set for December 2011.

The crew talked about the beauty, not only of the island of Kauai, but also the kindness of the people who call this place home. It’s so good to see that the aloha spirit is alive and well.