Honolulu Advertiser: 'New hearings on rail likely'

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In a front page article in the January 4 edition of The Honolulu Advertiser, reporter Sean Hao writes that:

“Supporters, opponents and others with something to say about the city’s plan to build a $5.5 billion elevated rail will have a new forum to voice their opinions soon.


“The state is expected to hold public hearings on the environmental impacts of Honolulu’s planned rail project. Hearings on the project’s final environmental impact statement aren’t required. However, hearings are likely, said Russell Pang, spokes-man for Gov. Linda Lingle.

“The hearings would give the public an opportunity to testify on whether the city’s plans to mitigate the environmental impacts of the project are adequate. They’re also likely to provide a platform for those opposed to the train as well as groups advocating alternatives such as street-level rail or elevated, managed highway lanes.”

As soon as we get details we will post them on this website. In the mean time, supporters of alternatives to elevated rail should prepare what they want to present at these hearings.

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