Honolulu at the Bottom of Top 300 Cities

Panos Prevedouros, PHD
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BY PANOS PREVEDOUROS PHD – Brookings attributes the pathetic performance shown below to Honolulu’s long recession. WRONG!

Our recession was much softer that most other cities and our unemployment rate grew less.  In fact, Honolulu’s 1993 to 2007 ranking is 284th.


Socialist policies, anti-business practices, collusion among businesses and unions (Move Oahu Forward, PRP are the visible top of the iceberg) and slow adoption of innovation are dragging Honolulu increasingly backward.

Shortly after publishing the post on Honolulu’s and Hawaii’s “no change” situation over the last three decades, I saw the Global Metro Monitor update of the Brookings Institution (a think tank.)

Blue cities (Democrat majority) are actually mostly red (weak economy).





  1. 205 may not be the ideal spot, but Dr. Prevendouros would be remiss to ignore the improvements: look at the previous years and to see that Hawaii ranked initially 284th, then 217th, and now 205th; that's roughly an improvement of 4 spots per year.

    • Uh, does this mean that in 50 years Honolulu will make the top ten? Not unless ratings are divided by the number of potholes. Nature and a touch of Polynesian culture are the only things that makes Honolulu and Hawaii appear to the untrained eye to be something more than a back-water embarrassment. Politicians have lied for sixty or more years, ever adding new mess to old. And there is no indication this will change so long as we are held captive to those who trade featherbedding favors for lock-step union votes.

  2. And, that's 205 in the WORLD, not the USA. If you enlarge the map enough, Hawaii has a blue dot for metropolitan growth. Panos is correct that we have issues that need to be carefully addressed, but the canary isn't dead yet

  3. Looks like it's time to vote fo da same democrat politicians one mo time. AAAAaaaauuwwwrrriitte!!

  4. You mustn't panic. We all went through tough times, but we'll get back to the top. It won't be easy or fast, but it is possible.

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