Honolulu Drivers Rated Poorly for Safety

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Honolulu ranks among the worst cities for road conditions and traffic congestion, but a new study by Allstate Insurance gives Oahu drivers a bad rating as well.

Honolulu comes in a No. 128 of 200 U.S. cities in the newly released 2013 “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” and is considered one of the least safe cities for drivers.


The average driver on Oahu will be in collision on average every 8.7 years. That is a 15 percent higher chance of a collision than the national average.

Fort Collins, Colorado is ranked as the safest city, followed by Boise, Idaho; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Brownsville, Texas; and Madison, Wisconsin.

Ashley Clise, spokesperson for the Allstate NW Regional division, said Allstate’s Best Drivers Report ranks American cities based on car collision frequency, and was created to boost the country’s discussion on safe driving.

Last year, Honolulu was 113 on the list, so Hawaii slipped 15 spots over last year.  The city’s best performance was #89 in 2011, and the lowest rank was #135 in 2007, Clise said.

“Our hope is that this report will increase awareness about the importance of being safe and attentive behind the wheel,” Clise said. “Staying alert and focusing on the task at hand is the most important thing that Honolulu drivers can do to stay safe on the road.  Minimizing distractions – such as texting, talking on the cell phone, eating, and even changing the radio station – is key to staying safe while in the driver’s seat.  It is also important to watch the speed limit, know the rules of the road, and utilize your vehicle’s safety features, such as turn signals and headlights.”





  1. Honolulu has the most 'ignorant' drivers I have ever seen. Period. They think a red light is just an invitation to slow down. They don't even know want a directional signal is. What idiots.

  2. I have to agree. The most ignorant and asinine drivers. Since when does your fucking blinker give you the right of way to just merge or cut you off? The slowest drivers in the left lane holding up traffice. For christ sake that's why there's a slow lane on the right or better yet, catch the fricking bus!
    This is what I've been experiencing recently. Drivers on the left or right that want to get in your lane without blinkers slowly drift into your lane to make you slow down so they can cut in. Now, I'm no slow driver but they pulling that shit with the wrong person.

  3. Ledfingers808…I don't disagree with you but your foul rant makes you sound like a road rage candidate.

    • You're a real classy piece of work. LOL Just learn that word did you? You my friend are out of control. You really think your language is appropriate here? I've seen your type out there…impatiently tail-gating, screaming and yelling as you floor it to go around…etc. It'll get you one of these days. Oh yeah, same to you.

  4. Hawaii just has a majority of horribly unskilled, ignorant drivers. The ongoing cop-out solution of short-sighted traffic engineers and politicians is to keep the speed limits ridiculously low, but there is a point of diminishing returns, and Oahu is way past that. The fact is that generations of drivers in Hawaii have never had any PRACTICE driving at higher speeds because of these ridiculous posted speed limits and the resulting even-more-ridiculously-slow traffic. Sure, they think they can text and drive, smoke pot and drive, or talk on a cell phone while riding a no-licence/no-insurance-required 49cc scooter on the sidewalk in nothing but a pair of shorts. Why not, when the alternative is to spend 2 hrs creeping along on H-1 at 15MPH? And where are the cops? At the H-1/H2 merger ticketing people for coming to a complete stop instead of merging properly??? NO, they're staking out the few places on the island where the frustrated minority of mainlanders who have real driving skills can actually open it up over 50MPH for a precious few hundred yards. It's not about "safety" for the cops – it's REVENUE, just like most police depts. The difference is that Oahu is a pressure-cooker for the anthropological effects of these bad practices and resulting-unskilled drivers to combine and reach critical mass.

    I think they should force all drivers in Hawaii to go to the mainland and drive from Houston to Monterrey to Matamoros Mexico and back, twice a week, for 6 months. Those who actually survive can return to drive in Hawaii…

  5. I am surprised we didn't come in lower on the report, Drivers not knowing how to merge or catching up to stop anyone from merging Tickets should be given to drivers stuck in the left-lane without passing and holding up traffic. Not using turn-signals should also be ticketed. It drives me nuts when I sit behind someone at an intersection without moving just because they were to ignorant to use the turn-signal giving me a chance to avoid them or driving behind some idiot with sense of entitlement written all over his car in the left lane on the Freeway not being able to pass because he is keeping pace with the right lane carl

  6. I can't really understand how a whole state has the same issue and what's the source of this… I mean, getting a driver's license requiresa the same skills in every state, and people who decide this are being trained the same way no matter where they're from…

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