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Gun cleaning products and lubricants are not necessarily the sexiest topic in the world. But boy are they an important factor to maintaining your collection. Hoppe’s, which has been in this business since 1903, has a lineup that includes everything from bore cleaners to gun grease.

Obviously you’ll want them in your range bag, in your loading room (or wherever you clean your guns) and on your workbench. Maybe even some lubricant in the bathroom cabinet.

You’ll want these in your range bag. I mostly use the lubricating oil and the gun grease (for my AKs) but the CLP comes in handy when you need to clean something thoroughly. You can also apply it to the head of the boresnake prior to cleaning at the end of the day. The CLP will prevent rust from forming, leaving behind a lasting coat of protection.

So where am I going with this?

Naturally I’m going to lubricate my Sig 220 before I try to blow out the X-ring.

After shooting I’ll put some Hoppe’s #9 on the bore snake and pull it through the barrel before I go home.

Last but not least, I highly recommend the their cleaning pad which has a soft acrylic surface (for absorption) and a vinyl bottom to protect my table from spills and scratches. You can throw it in the washing machine too. Pictured here is the CLP and #9 bore cleaner. At left is Hoppe’s nifty Silicone Cloth which is pre-treated with a silicone lubricant that polishes, cleans, and coats surfaces with a protective finish. It comes in a resealable bag or you can do what I did, put it in a sandwich bag.

Note that this photo is for “demonstration purposes” only. You’re not really supposed to clean your guns where you’ll be eating. So kids, don’t try this on the kitchen or dining room table.

That evening I’ll roll out the nifty little Hoppe’s gun mat where I’ll field strip and clean my Sig.

Let me count the ways I use Hoppe’s 9 lubricating oil around the house. What’s really handy is the needle nose application tip. The oil has high-viscosity properties that are long lasting and do not cause the stuff to harden or gum up. Perfect for garden tools that we tend to ignore often need a regular lube.

However, we’re only scratching the surface. As the expression goes, charity begins at home.

When you acquire Hoppe’s lubricants you’re essentially getting a home lubrication kit. Through the following photos I’ve tried to illustrate how this manifests itself.

Let’s not forget those locks and deadbolts. I admit that I don’t nearly pay enough attention to this. Who does? It’s amazing what a little lube will do and who knows, it’s probably good for your feng shui.

Some examples that come to mind: lubing and maintaining padlocks, deadbolts, pruning shears, pliers, hair clippers and of course my Dillon 550 reloader.

Those hair clippers need attention (according to the instructions) every time you use them. I douse mine with CLP to remove the gunk and follow up with a stiff brushing. The CLIP both lubricates and cleans. Perfect for these little items. I usually put this stuff in a bottle with a needle nose applicator but for the purposes of this article, I’m using the standard container so you can see how the product is being used.

What struck me as I began to research this article was the realization how handy Hoppe’s lubricants are around the house and garden.

Last but not least, you can circle back and use Hoppe’s for your reloading gear.

Down in the loading room there’s always something that needs attention. In this instance I’m using Hoppe’s gun grease which is designed to protect firearms from rust and corrosion but is perfect to lube my Dillon 550. And you’re right it needs to be wiped down afterwards. I’ll get that later….




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