Horse Goes on Hawaii Island Campaign Trail

Solomon Singer on the Trail with his horse Koa
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Solomon Singer on the Trail with his horse Koa

As candidates for the Hawaii House of Representatives jockey for position for the upcoming primary election, one has shown some real horse sense.

Solomon Singer, the 18 year old contender for the Puna (District 4) seat, has brought is horse, Koa, into the race.


Koa is Solomon’s 11 year old gelding, a rescue case — neglected, starved, and ready to be put down. He took him in and gave him the love and attention he needed. “He‘s a happy horse now,” Solomon says with a smile.

“Hawaii has some of the worst horse protection laws in the country,” Solomon explains. “Cruelty to animals goes hand in hand with domestic violence and child abuse. We need better laws and humane public education to stop animal abuse.”

Solomon Singer is an accomplished bareback horseman, training horses and riders throughout the island. He is also a barefoot hoof care specialist and equine behaviorist, and believes horses are excellent for training children.

“Horses teach you how to be confident and in control, while also being sensitive and considerate. Working with horses helps kids build self esteem, and is great exercise. I would like to see after school programs using horses, and would like to see animal husbandry, in general, becoming more of the school curriculum,” Solomon explains.

To introduce children to the wonderful world of horses, Solomon will be taking Koa on the campaign trail, greeting keikis and handing out balloons. Koa is Solomon’s equine ambassador.

While Solomon may be the dark horse candidate in the Puna race, running with Koa may just improve his odds of winning.

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