House Approves $204 Million in Capital Improvements for the Big Island

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    HONOLULU, HAWAII – The Hawaii House of Representatives has passed the House draft of the state budget bill including over $204,071,000 in capital improvement projects (CIP) for the Big Island for fiscal year 2010-2011. When combined with the $225,267,000 in CIP funds approved in fiscal year 2009-2010, the first year of the biennium, the total amount for Hawaii Island projects is over $429 million.

    ”Fiscal Year 2010-2011”


    *Lower Hamakua Ditch Watershed Project 1,500,000
    *Lower Hamakua Ditch Watershed Project 1,800,000
    *Waimea Hydropower Plant 1,000,000
    *Waimea Transfer Ditch Improvements 2,000,000
    *Hilo High School 8,000,000
    *Holualoa Elementary School 220,000
    *Waiakea High School 2,700,000
    *Waiakeawaena Elementary School 450,000
    *Lai Opua Community Center 1,526,000
    *Kona Community Hospital 750,000
    *West Hawaii Community Health Center 180,000
    *North Kohala District Court Roof and Eave 300,000
    *Ka’u High and Pahala Elementary School 18,100,000
    *North Kona Well 1,300,000
    *Kona International Airport at Keahole, ARFF 1,000,000
    *Kona International Airport at Keahole, Noise 100,000
    *Kona International Airport at Keahole, Terminal 40,000,000
    *Hilo Harbor Improvements 10,000,000
    *HMP-Pier 4 Interisland Cargo Terminal, Hilo 48,000,000
    *HMP-Pier 4 Kawaihae Harbor 5,000,000
    *Hawaii Belt Road, Pahoehoe Stream Bridge 596,000
    *Hawaii Belt Road, Pahoehoe Stream Bridge 149,000
    *Kawaihae Road Bypass, Waimea to Kawaihae 12,000,000
    *Kawaihae Road Bypass, Waimea to Kawaihae 3,000,000
    *Keaau Pahoa Road, Keaau to Pahoa 2,640,000
    *Keaau Pahoa Road, Keeau to Pahoa 660,000
    *Keaau-Pahoa Road, Keaau Bypass to Shower Dr. 4,800,000
    *Keaau-Pahoa Road, Keaau Bypass to Shower Dr. 1,200,000
    *Kuakini Hwy Drainage, Kamehameha III Road 1,100,000
    *Mamalahoa Hwy Drainage, Kawa 1,200,000
    *Mamalahoa Hwy Drainage, Kawa 300,000
    *Puna Makai Alternative Route 1,500,000
    *UHH, Hawaiian Language Bldg, Phase I 31,000,000

    *”TOTAL” $204,071,000

    “We need to insure that the Senate agrees with the House appropriations for this year, as well as join with us to urge the Governor to release last year’s appropriations,” said Rep. Jerry Chang (District 2