House Members to Hold Same Sex Marriage Hearing on Halloween

Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee members hear testimony on Monday, October 28, on a proposal to legalize gay marriage in Hawaii
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Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee members hear testimony on Monday, October 28, on a proposal to legalize gay marriage in Hawaii

The Hawaii House Committees on Judiciary and Finance will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 1 (SB1) on October 31 at 10 a.m. in the capitol auditorium.

According to a House press release, SB 1 recognizes marriages between individuals of the same sex and extends to same-sex couples the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities of marriage that opposite-sex couples receive.


The bill, which was heard on Monday by the state Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee, will need to pass the full Senate before being transmitted to the House.

More than 3,000 people submitted testimony to the Senate on SB 1, and some 1,800 people signed up to testify.






  1. I am scared to death as to what is about to happen to Hawaii, since perversion is being granted rights to perpetuate

  2. Governor Abercrombie's current same-sex marriage bill will NOT protect church facilities If your church offers a public service (such as a preschool, a meeting place for community groups like a neighborhood board, Alcoholics Anonymous, Zumba classes etc.), by definition your church is a public accommodation and would be legally obligated to sanction a same-sex marriage if it were requested.

  3. About damn time!
    As many like to claim this has nothing to do with the "church" no one is asking for respect or understanding they don't need your opinion on there personal life nor your blessing to get married. This is and always has been about equal rights! Its funny those that preach the "word of god" really can spit out a lot of hate, what happened to thou shall not judge? you need to practice what you preach and keep your beliefs to yourself. Abercrombie has did everything to please you people and your beliefs and you still preach hate.
    Hawaii is the "aloha" state all you people fighting this are not even from Hawaii it is funny how many people spoke in favor of Marriage rather then hate, if you don't like it move! Aloha is in the heart and not apart of your "bible" true Hawaiian welcome love and don't judge.

    Mahalo to Hawaii for passing this and following Aloha not these nut jobs whom have nothing better to do then preach hate and intolerance.

    • Saying homosexual act are a sin and wrong is not hate speech. No one is judging gays when they make these statements, they are just saying what they believe. If you don't believe what they say, close your ears.. This attack is not about equal right. Its about an attack on the church. If the federal government recognized civil unions and gave them all the benefits awarded to married couples, the gays still wont be satisfied. They will still says its about equal rights… Don't believe that Gay Propaganda machine!!!!

      • Denying basic rights to those you deem to be sinners is hate. It is an act of judgment, it is an act of punishment for the perceived sin.
        Demanding others, even those not of your faith, enforce the judgment and punishment you impose, is hate and it is the propagation of your hate.

        Recognizing Civil unions and granting equivalent rights under a civil union law is NOT equality. The Constitution of the USA is clear about that. Separate is not equal. So you are right, giving Civil Unions would not satisfy the gays, because it is not a segregated alternative system of laws they seek, it is full equality.

        The active quest for equal rights can be labelled propaganda if that is what lights your candle. Your demand that others disbelieve campaign is futile without a solid logical, legal, just and accurate foundation upon which to build an alternative propaganda belief structure.
        The gays will have equal rights, no matter how stubbornly you adhere to the outdated, illogical, fear based beliefs you insist on having written into law.
        No matter how much you dislike the idea, you will be required to live in a world in which you are the equal in civil society to everyone else, including the gays.

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