How Can Ewa Residents Catch a Break?-Sen. Willie Espero Has Been a Developer’s Dream, He Now Works for DR Horton – the Developer Pushing to Build 11,700 New Homes on the Ewa Plains; Many Area Residents Believe This is a Conflict of Interest

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The plans to build 11,700 more homes on Oahu’s Ewa plain in a project named ”’Ho’opili”’ will add to our ever worsening traffic and other infrastructure problems.

The Ewa plain, particularly the Ewa Beach area, has long been a
symbol of runaway development without sufficient planning for


Unfortunately for all of us the “fox is guarding the hen

Our state Sen. Willie Espero, who has been in office almost 10
years, has been a developers dream.

He has cleared the path for Gentry and Haseko developers to push through their projects, regardless of community harm.

Maybe not so coincidentally, Espero was only recently hired in
“community relations” by D.R. Horton – to push through the 11,700 more homes in the Ewa plain. He must first push through the state Land Use Commission and city planning departments.

Most people in Ewa Beach see this as it really is — a conflict of interest and the job really one as an “unregistered lobbyist.”

How is it possible for the people who have
suffered so greatly from development to catch a break when their elected
officials work for the developers?

”’Garry P. Smith is a resident of Ewa Beach, Oahu. Reach him via email at”’