Howard Dean's Convenient Religion

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During the final days before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein attempted to solidify his ties with the rest of the Muslim world by invoking Allah as his spiritual ally. This transparent pandering should have been an insult to those at whom it was aimed, considering that only a decade prior, he had sought to militarily dominate the entire region. However, somewhat to his credit (or more accurately, to the disgrace of those other leaders), much support of the Iraqi tyrant, and condemnation of the United States, was voiced by middle-eastern heads of state.

Similarly, Libya’s resident terrorist/dictator, Moammar Khadafy, now seeks to recreate his pubic persona buy proclaiming (though intelligence reports show otherwise) his desire to rid his country of weapons of mass destruction and promote peace throughout the region.


So why should anyone be surprised that a similar charade is being undertaken by another desperate would-be world leader. Suddenly, after steadfastly espousing a liberal party-line philosophy worthy of the worst elements of America’s counterculture, Democrat presidential aspirant Howard Dean is professing his faith and respect for Jesus Christ. But Dean is no progressive Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. Rather, he is an icon of God-hating liberals who love abortion and same-sex “marriage,” and who firmly believe society would be better off if guided by the religion of secularism that has undergirded every great tyranny of the twentieth century.

For sheer absurdity, Dean’s transparent attempt to pander to southern Christians rivals the efforts of Michael Dukakis to ingratiate himself to patriotic Americans by riding around in an M-1 tank. Despite his profuse platitudes Dean, a Congregationalist (when he does attend church at all), hardly qualifies to be keynote speaker at the next Southern Baptist general convention. Christians in the South (as well as throughout America) have come a long way since the days when Jimmy Carter could appeal to them on the basis that he was a devout Christian and Baptist, only to embrace every liberal, anti-Christian cause (along with virtually every atheistic dictator in the world), once in office. Likewise Bill Clinton, when he wasn’t carrying around a Koran for photo-op purposes, claimed to be a good Baptist as well. Somehow, that shoe didn’t fit. Perhaps Dean should do a photo session complete with a Bible and a bowl of grits (Confederate flags haven’t worked too well for him in the past), in case some are slow to get the message.

During his tenure as governor of Vermont, Dean signed the bill establishing gay “civil unions,” which in truth essentially codifies same-sex “marriage.” It would be difficult, to the point of impossibility, for Dean to reconcile such an outward expression of his true “faith” with anything professed or taught by Jesus. No doubt he doesn’t recognize any need to do so. Insipid banalities ought to be sufficient for those ignorant, Bible toting Southerners.

At some desperate moment in the 2000 presidential campaign, Al Gore began throwing crumbs to the NRA, in an effort to gain greater support from rural America. Apparently, a few tepid words of philosophical support for the Second Amendment were assumed to be sufficient to erase his obvious anti-gun efforts and alliances of prior years. The Second Amendment crowd was simply expected to overlook the fact that, prior to those words, the administration to which he belonged had steadfastly worked to erode and undermine the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Likewise, southern Christians are apparently presumed to ignore the venomously anti-Christian philosophies undergirding literally every Dean stance, and the fact that such questionable bastions of the Christian faith as the Hollywood left are firmly and zealously in the Dean camp.

As part of some wholly misguided “new tone,” President Bush has participated in some abominable events such as officially recognizing “Kwanzaa,” a newly fabricated “holiday” bearing the moral equivalence of David Duke’s birthday. Furthermore, immediately after 9-11, Bush instituted official White House recognition of Ramadan, the Islamic celebration of Mohamed’s “empowerment” wherein he received his “divine instruction” to, among other things, kill infidels. Unfortunately, he is the one individual who has made it infinitely easier for Howard Dean to pull off this ruse.

Nevertheless, once Dean realizes that his profession of religion proves to be nothing but a political albatross, he will reassure his base by recanting and disavowing any vestige of the Christian faith that might cause him to include even the tiniest shred of morality in his policy making.

”’Christopher G. Adamo is a free-lance writer who lives in southeastern Wyoming with his wife and sons. He has been involved in grassroots political activity for many years. Chris was the editor of the Wyoming Christian from 1994 to 1996, and his columns can be seen at:”’ and ”’He can be reached via email at:”’