I can be a State Senator AND run for Congress

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Yesterday, I participated in a Congressional forum sponsored by Smart Business Hawaii. It was the first time the three Congress candidates appeared publicly together. It was a great opportunity to share my thoughts and position on different issues affecting our state such as the economy, taxes and the Akaka Bill.

Following the forum, one of my opponents suggested to reporters that I step down not only as Senate President, but also from the Senate, implying that because I am a woman, I am unable to perform my duties while running for a congressional seat.


For the past 30 years I have successfully managed a law practice in an area that has traditionally been “male dominated.” And for the past decade, I have continued to build my law practice and added a legislative career.

In all of that time, like every other woman I know, I have never had difficulty with multi-tasking. So, I know I can manage my responsibilities in the State Senate as well as a campaign for Congress.

I know this statement will make some in my campaign committee nervous, but it’s what I believe. Like my responses at today’s forum, you can be certain that my responses will always be deliberate, consistent and independent. Everybody who knows me knows I will always be forthright, sometimes to the chagrin of those who are closest to me.

Richard Borreca’s article in today’s ‘Honolulu Star Bulletin’ addressed the significance of this year’s congressional race. If you missed it, here’s a link to the article. https://www.starbulletin.com/editorials/20100113_Hanabusa-Case_fight_could_be_gift_for_GOP.html

Please read it and consider what’s at stake in this year’s election.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

Mahalo for your support!

‘Colleen Hanabusa is the Hawaii Senate President and a candidate for District 1 in Congress. See more at https://www.hanabusa2010.com’