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Implications Wheel second order map
Implications Wheel second order map
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Become a certified I-Wheel Facilitator

Are you familiar with the work of Joel Barker and his transformative approach to foresight? You’ll be excited to learn about Joel Barker’s Implications Wheel® — an innovative tool for exploring the implications of possible future scenarios. Read on to discover why becoming an I-Wheel facilitator could be a game-changer for your career and improve your organizational resilience.

What Is the I-Wheel?

I-Wheel (Implications Wheel®) is a sophisticated, software-enhanced process designed to help groups map out the potential consequences of various changes. New innovations, emerging trends, mergers, regulations, strategic objectives, or unforeseen events, the I-Wheel tool helps you navigate the complex landscape of the future. Using structured discussions, Joel’s I-Wheel process explores first and second-order implications and reveals unseen connections.


Who Should Become an I-Wheel Facilitator?

  1. Strategic Planners: Developing or Seasoned strategists involved in setting long-term goals and strategies for your organization. The I-Wheel can enhance your ability to foresee and plan for future scenarios.
  2. Consultants: The I-Wheel is a powerful tool to offer clients deeper insights and actionable foresight, enhancing the value of your consultancy services.
  3. Leaders in Innovation and R&D: Responsible for driving innovation within your organization? You will find the I-Wheel invaluable for anticipating market shifts and technological advancements.

Existing Organizational Users

  1. Corporate Strategy Teams: Teams in sectors like manufacturing, retail, and energy use the I-Wheel to anticipate market changes and develop robust strategies.
  2. Religious and Community Organizations: Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, and other religious institutions have already used it for strategic planning addressing social issues.
  3. Educational and Social Issue Advocates: Schools and organizations tackling issues like climate change, substance abuse, and diversity have successfully employed the I-Wheel to navigate complex challenges.

Top Benefits Reported by I-Wheel Users

  1. Over-the-Horizon Foresight: An inclusive tool helps surface possible futures and uncover implications unnoticed by superficial insight tools. A forward-thinking approach could help you with your competitive advantage.
  2. Inclusive and Collaborative: Joel Barker’s Implications wheel process ensures that every participant’s voice is heard. It creates a setting for diverse opinions to contribute to a richer understanding of future possibilities.
  3. Actionable Insights: A clear, easy-to-read map of strategic foresights and pathways, enables your team to make informed decisions. The outcome is a tool to design effective strategies.

Why Join the I-Wheel Facilitator Training?

  • Future-focused Decision-Making: By mapping the potential consequences of change, you can minimize negative impacts and maximize positive outcomes.
  • Strategic Foresights: Gain deeper insights into the connections between today’s actions and tomorrow’s possibilities.
  • Professional Growth: Supercharge your skills in strategic foresight and join a network of forward-thinking professionals.

How to Get Started

Ready to become a scout for the future? Explore Joel Barker’s facilitator training program. Discover how you can lead your team or organization toward a more impactful future. Visit the I-Wheel website to watch an introductory video from Joel Barker. Learn more about the I-Wheel and its applications.

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Joel Barker

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