Ige Officially Files for Dem Gubernatorial Run

David Ige files nomination papers for governor 2014
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David Ige files nomination papers for governor 2014
David Ige files nomination papers for governor 2014

HONOLULU — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Senator David Ige made his run official this morning as he signed nomination papers and was sworn in at the Office of Elections in Pearl City. He was joined by his wife Dawn and two of their children, Matthew and Amy, as well as his extended family. The crowd of supporters, including members of the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), cheered Senator Ige on as he spoke about bringing much needed change to the governor’s office.

“This is about leadership,” Senator Ige said. “This is about leading the state to a better future.”


With just over two months left until primary election day on August 9, and even a shorter window when absentee ballots are mailed, Senator Ige roused the many supporters with his promise to take more action as governor in addressing the major concerns of Hawaii residents.

“It’s about having priorities,” shared Senator Ige. “For example, education, it really is about empowering principals and teachers—those closest to the children—to take the action that is required to move our schools forward. In terms of the environment, it really is about setting a course and having an action plan. For example, we’ve talked a lot about growing our own food, and we’re at the same place we were four years ago. It really is about making a commitment, identifying those actions required, and then doing it—not just talking about it.”

When asked how his campaign will financially compete with the millions raised by his opponent, Senator Ige said, “This is about a grassroots campaign.” He added, “It is about getting out into communities and talking to people. It’s about person-to-person. I’m certain we can raise the money we need to tell our story. But the people of Hawaii deserve better, and we’ll give it to them.”

With nearly 30 years in the state Legislature, candidate for Governor Senator David Ige has built a solid reputation as a thoughtful, honest and innovative legislator. He has been the chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means for the past four years, helping to shape and balance the state’s budget. Senator Ige has led a total of 10 House and Senate committees, including Higher Education, Education and Technology, Health, Hawaiian Affairs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Consumer Protection and Information Technology. This year he was named one of the 13 “tech-savviest” state legislators in the nation by Government Technology. Senator Ige has been at the forefront of applying technology solutions and information technology in government and education. More information on Senator Ige and his candidacy are available at www.davidige.org.





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