Illinois Policy Institute CEO receives ‘Roe Award’

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John Tillman, CEO

CHICAGO — The Illinois Policy Institute’s CEO, John Tillman, received the prestigious Roe Award Thursday night at the State Policy Network’s annual meeting in Seattle.

The Roe Award pays tribute to those in the state public policy movement whose achievements have greatly advanced the free market philosophy. The award is named after the late Thomas A. Roe, Jr., founder of State Policy Network.


“This award honors an individual who has a passion for liberty, a willingness to work for it, and noteworthy achievement in turning dreams into realities,” said Tracie Sharp, SPN president. “Through his relentless efforts, John Tillman has made the Illinois Policy Institute a powerful force for free markets.”

John Tillman became CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute in 2007. Under his leadership, the Institute has grown from a staff of two employees to 18. Today, the Institute has a robust policy shop that produces high quality research on budget and tax policy, education reform, government transparency, healthcare and government waste.

Upon receiving the award, John Tillman thanked his family, his staff and the Institute’s many volunteers and supporters.

“This award sends a signal to the people of Illinois, as well as liberty fighters around the country, that you can make progress in a state others had long written off,” Tillman said. “The greatest force for good in the human sphere is the free market system, because it gives people from all walks of life the ability to pursue their personal dreams and achieve prosperity, not just of the material kind but of the human spirit. Here at the Institute, our goal is to make Illinois a beacon of economic opportunity. This award is a great recognition of progress on a journey for that mission.”

Submitted by Diana Rickert.