In Reapportionment Challenge, Federal Court Recognizes Unique, Historical Perspective

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SEN. MALAMA SOLOMON, HAWAII ISLAND –  I am encouraged by the progress thus far at the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii regarding the challenge to the current federal challenge to the reapportionment plan.

In its Order entered May 22, 2012, it appears to me that the Federal court has recognized the unique, historical perspective and importance of each of the counties in the State of Hawaii.


The court’s order appears to recognize that our unique history mandates that all of the counties have a fair and equal voice in the administration of the Legislative branch of our government.

We recognize that the case is not over.

However, based on the court’s preliminary decision, we are now assured that the local elections will go forward as planned.

We deeply appreciate the courts thorough analysis of this matter and we will cooperate with the court on any further hearings that may come before it.


Malama Solomon is on of the four plaintiffs in Solomon v. Abercrombie, 126 Haw. 283, 270 P.3d 1013 (2012), on behalf of the plaintiffs in the State Court proceedings before the State Supreme Court on the Reapportioning of the State Senate to add a fourth State Senate seat to the County of Hawaii