ThinkTech: Intergenerational Equity

What is it good for?


What is Inter-generational Equity? Find out in this ThinkTech interview. Jay Fidell talks with Robert Kinslow, sustainable business expert who was raised as a farmer, educated as an aerospace engineer, skilled as a speaker and shaped by a lifetime dedicated to advancing the practice of sustainable business, social justice and ecological conservation, with a high-wide and deep perspective on human potential, as core competencies. As an executive sustainability advisor, he guides organizational leadership into a deeper understanding of the meaning and practice of organizational sustainability. As a private citizen, Robert has advocated moving the state of Hawai’i towards a sustainability index, rooted in indigenous practices. As a sustainable business expert, he has promoted innovative green business technologies, whilst championing the business case for sustainability leadership. He graduated with honors as valedictorian of the acclaimed Global Leadership and Sustainable Development program at HPU. He has a high, wide and deep  perspective on human potential and consciousness. To schedule a conversation, send inmail through his profile on LinkedIn:




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