Iranian, Islamofascist-Backed Hezbollah Attack on Israel Really About the U.S.

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There are a number of this writer’s friends in the intelligence community who are beginning to believe the current violence between the Iranian-Syrian backed Hezbollah and Israel may be about more than just hatred for the Jewish State. It may be about hurting the American economy and weakening, further, Americans’ resolve to battle terrorism.

The evidence can already be seen in the U.S.: the stockmarket is becoming unstable and oil prices are predicted to soar higher than even in the dark days of gaslines and President Jimmy Carter’s “Win” buttons.


The Iranians and Syrians are quite aware that an unstable Middle East translates into an unstable American economy which in turn translates into a barrage of anti-Bush rhetoric by the Democrats and the news media. The Islamofascists know their best weapon against the U.S. in order to get our military out of Iraq is a continuously violent insurgency coupled with a practically coordinated media blitz against the US president who is becoming weaker by the day. The Islamofascists know that if Americans must pay a dollar more per gallon of gasoline, they will blame the president. American soldiers in Iraq are too close for comfort for the Iranian and Syrian governments. They are in full agreement with American lawmakers such as John Murtha and John Kerry — redeployment of American troops would be a blessing.

One can see this coordinated attack from the Islamofascists’ useful idiots almost from the start of the conflict in the Middle East. For instance, the head of the Democrat National Committee Howard Dean telling a cheering crowd of partisan automatons that if the Democrats were in-charge none of what we’re seeing in the Middle East would be happening. Besides sounding like the ranting of a lunatic, for Dean’s assertion to even remotely approach reality, one must erase the entire eight years when indeed the Democrats were in-charge. The Clinton appeasement plan was a miserable failure. Like Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of the Nazis, it was a postponement of the inevitable using taxpayer money to buy off geopolitical problems.

One of the biggest myths perpetrated on the American people by the Democrats and their friends in the media is that “Clinton brought peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” The billions of dollars that Clinton gave Yasser Arafat ended up in the “father of modern terrorism’s” Swiss bank accounts.

Too be sure, Bush wasn’t very successful either, but he did provide the Israelis and Palestinians with a Roadmap to Peace. Unfortunately, while the Israelis tried their damnedest to follow the roadmap, including giving up Gaza and pulling out the Jewish settlers, the Palestinian people decided during their elections to reward the ruthless terrorist group Hamas with even more political power. Meanwhile, that geopolitical genius Jimmy Carter boasted that at least Hamas wasn’t corrupt, which was good news for the Palestinians but bad news for the Israelis. (It’s no secret that Carter walked a line separating diplomacy and anti-Semitism).

While the U.S. continues its own war on terrorism, the Democrats take their usual potshots at the Bush team, especially Secretary of State Condi Rice. Sen. Ted Kennedy in his usual bully boy rhetoric practically ordered Rice to go to the Middle East to talk, discuss and negotiate.

But with whom should she talk? With whom would she negotiate? With terrorists? With Iran? With Syria? And what would they discuss? Hezbollah will not disarm. Hamas? They will not repudiate their call for the destruction of Israel. In the case of Iran, how do you negotiate with a country in which, according to a Zogby poll, 67% of the people say Israel should not exist.

The popular DNC talking point echoed by the news media is that Bush is “disengaged.” I wish they would explain how he’s disengaged. To his credit, Bush is not going to be a hypocrite and ask Israel not to retaliate against terrorist attacks when the US has retaliated against terrorist by invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

President Bush, who is wrong on many issues, is right on this one. Let Israel do what it must do to protect their people and their nation. If that means the destruction of Lebanon, so be it. If it means bombing the Iranians, so be it. If it means toppling the Baath Party’s stranglehold on Syria, so be it.

Only a coward would negotiate with people while they are murdering those he’s sworn to protect.

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