Is Governor Ige supporting Republican Issues?

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Opening Day Ward with leis“We listened, and we heard an open invitation to work with Governor Ige on legislative issues,” Representative Gene Ward said after the inaugural address.



“Predictions of prosperity include no tax on pensions,” commented Ward after the Governor said “For our kupuna, it means helping them live out their golden years with independence, dignity, and the love and support of their families.”


Representative Ward’s legislative priorities include: growing and diversifying our economy while doing more to support small businesses; strengthening our public education system so that students and teachers reach their full potential; honoring our kupuna and respecting their dignity and independence, including their financial independence; supporting common-sense environmental protections so that our unique ecosystem is not threatened in the name of progress and job creation; and above all, working transparently and accountably to serve the public interest, while spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money wisely, responsibly, and with the utmost accountability.


“Strangely these are the same priorities as Governor Ige,” Ward said, “Let’s stay tuned and see what happens.”






  1. If what are proposed as " Republican Issues " and is endorsed by the Hawaii GOP,then it really isn't that much different from what the Democrat Party has been doing all along.for example,we don't need any mor legislation to improve the economy and/or support our small businesses.Actually,we need Less legislation.We need to have the legislators Repeal many laws,regulations that are harmful to our local economy.we need a Hands-Off approach from our state legislators.We need our Republican State legislators endorse Free Market.And endorse Free Market education.The Republicans should be working towards abolishing public education in Hawaii.Republican State legislators need to legislate with principle and not by special interests.Do the Republican politicians want a more efficient government or a Limited government? Authoritarism or Liberty/Prosperity/Peace?

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