Is it Safe Yet?

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Many of you will recall the famous line from the classic movie “Marathon Man.” Dustin Hoffman starred, with Laurence Olivier featured as the dentist/torturer who drills into Dustin’s front tooth in a futile attempt to get him to reveal secrets that he doesn’t know. It makes your teeth ache just to watch.

Well, that same line can be used once again, but with an entirely different meaning. After being “tortured” for 40 years by some (not all) Democrats, it is now ”’safe”’ to be a Republican, and even mention it in public!


For business owners, what is even better is that it is also “safe” to join Small Business Hawaii. No longer will members fear that their support of SBH will result in discrimination against them by those in government with the power to award contracts, delay processing of permits and regulatory paperwork, or refer customers.

We have our best opportunity in 40 years to see some pro-business activity in the Legislature, due to the leadership of Gov. Linda Lingle. One of the best ways to get your ideas to the governor is to support SBH.

The torture has stopped, and our teeth aren’t being drilled any more.

Join Small Business Hawaii ”’Now”’ — it is ”’safe.”’

See the SBH Web site at:

”’Bud Weisbrod is a resident of Honolulu and a member of Small Business Hawaii. He can be reached via email at:”’