It’s Not Ok!

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BY DAVID CHANG – It’s not ok!

By now you have all heard that the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare’s individual mandate as a valid exercise of Congress’ power to impose taxes.


Simply stated, ObamaCare policies are only constitutional when considered a TAX.

What’s important to take away from this morning’s decision is that the Court rules on whether something is constitutional, not if it’s a good policy for our country. And while the Court has said that the law is constitutional, it remains a flawed policy for the people and businesses here at home in Hawaii. Under ObamaCare:

  • Health care costs continue to skyrocket.
  • Up to 20 million Americans could lose their employer-based coverage.
  • A panel of unelected bureaucrats now has the unprecedented authority to come between our kapunas and their doctors.
  • The rules and regulations placed on job creators and small businesses make it nearly impossible to hire new workers.

The last thing we need is another tax, especially ​at a time when the people of Hawaii and our nation desperately need jobs.

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David S. Chang, Chair of the Hawaii Republican Party