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Since most editorials tend to make very simple things much too complicated, here are some editorial “One Liners” for your consideration:

”Gas Prices:”


Price controls never work. The end result is always a shortage of whatever is controlled. Even though prices are high (but still lower than most countries) there are no energy shortages , including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, or heating oil. If price controls are implemented, you will once again have gas lines. Remember 1973?

”Minimum Wage:”

Do Minimum Wage controls work? No, all they do is raise everyone’s pay, and simultaneously raise the cost of everything we buy. Education, hard work, and honesty result in pay increases that are real.

”Education Reform”

Are our kids the 49th dumbest in the 50 states? No. Do we have bad teachers? No. Seen any changes since last year? The democrat “solution” didn’t work, but they blocked Lingle’s recommendations so she would look weak and ineffective. Who was hurt? The kids, as usual.

”Drug Addiction a Disease?”

What disease requires that you take a deliberate action to “catch it”? What disease is completely cured if you stop re-infecting yourself? If, (big IF) addiction is incurable, then we need to focus on the kids before they try it and get addicted. Marijuana is the worst of all, since it opens the door to the “drug room”, and affects you without making you aware you are affected. Then you are on the downhill slide to destruction….

”Welfare Reform”

Welfare is like feeding wild pigeons. You end up with more dependent pigeons.

Feed the ones with broken wings. Let the rest search (work) for their food. Better for us, and better for the pigeons, too.

”Rail Transit”

Does Rail Transit work anywhere? Apparently not. Then why should we try it here? Let’s skip a step, and go on to the “next generation”: Electric cars, imbedded power strips, automatic speed and direction controls. Rechargers instead of parking meters. Hybrid vehicles are only a small step away from all electric vehicles. Automatic controls are available today. Don’t waste the money on rail.

”Nuclear Power”

Using Nuclear power to generate electricity is our ONLY choice, if we want to avoid massive starvation, global warfare over energy sources, and rampant pollution as the world’s forests are burned for heat. Nuclear power is being safely used to power ships, submarines, and electric power plants worldwide, with almost a zero fatality rate and no pollution. Quit burning our petroleum and coal reserves.

”Middle East”

Reverse domino effect is already in action. Libya changed, Iran and North Korea are nervous. Iraq will soon show the rest of the Middle East how freedom works. Then more “dominos” will fall and more people will be free.

”Islam and Muslims”

Some Fanatic Muslims believe that non-believers must be killed or forcibly converted to Islam. Non-Muslims do not want this to happen to them. The Fanatic Muslims must change. Or die.

”Morality on TV and Elsewhere”

Ever notice how crude TV and the Movies have become? Words that were seldom even spoken in “mixed company”, i.e. with LADIES present, are common on every show and in every movie, even those with PG and PG-13 ratings. Hollywood is offending most Americans with their vulgarity. Can you spell “Boycott”? Don’t watch, don’t buy advertised products. See what happens….

”Does TV Affect Us?”

Yes, of course, for good and bad. If it didn’t, nobody would advertise. (See item above, key word “Boycott”)


Generally, it should be preceded with the letter “C”. (Figure it out yourself)

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