Jack Steinfeld: Outstanding Hawaii Business Leader

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Jack Steinfeld

BY SAM SLOM – A leading Hawaii business leader, and long time loyal Smart Business Hawaii member, Jack Steinfeld died on November 4. He was 70.

Jack was born in Marysville Tennessee and raised in Cleveland Ohio. He received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon. He arrived in Hawaii in 1970 by way of Viet Nam.  He took his R&R in Hawaii and liked it so much he decided to get discharged here.


He worked for Xerox and IBM selling electric typewriters and copy machines.  Jack married Surita Savio. He left IBM in 1979 to start his own printing and copying business, Professional Image Inc.

He was an active and fun loving person who was a member of Small Business Hawaii, Downtown Exchange Club, Blues Goose Society, Happy Hookers Golf Club, bowling teams, baseball teams and all in all a man who enjoyed people.

He received the Small Business Person of the Year award in 1986 for his work with this organization. He was gravely injured in September 1986 and became disabled.  Even though not able to get out as much as before he still kept involved with others.

Jack is survived by his wife, Surita, and two daughters, Marissa and Krista, who he collectively referred to as “his girls.”

He will be missed.