Joe Pandolfe (R), State Senate, District 25

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  • Name: Joe Pandolfe (joebuilder)
  • Current job: Owner of Joe Builder Inc. (General contractor)
  • Residence: 20 years
  • Background: I bring to the table experience in the local business community. A former union employee (Local 745 & Local 3) I understand the value of organized labor. During my 3 years of supervising the construction of the NEX Pearl Harbor Mall I oversaw the operations of more than 40 construction subcontracts worth more than $62 million. Living and working on Midway Island for 2 ½ years, as project manager I oversaw construction projects valued at more than $10 million and the restoration of wildlife habitats.
  • Major issues: Taxes are the biggest problem we face right now. Taking back control of our public schools from the big unions is second. But foremost is reducing the tax burden on small business and the general public we can then address issues like: Bed & breakfast, Gentlemen farmers, sewer usage fees, etc.
  • Budget philosophy: We need to support and enforce the balanced budget.
  • Taxes and fees: We need to lower taxes. I have signed the pledge to not raise taxes already.
  • Rail: The city cannot afford rail and it should be stopped. If the rail project continues we can expect it to be a government subsidized program that will cost us all more taxes. I would oppose raising taxes.
  • Legalized Gambling: No.
  • Public Education: We need to audit the D.O.E. After the audit we can pinpoint the waste and who was responsible for it. We need to implement a plan for complete transparency and accountability at the D.O.E. The D.O.E. should remain an elected body.
  • Economic Growth: Tax cuts and incentives for all businesses so that we can retain those businesses in our state.Crime: I will introduce the keiki protection act which will reduce crime with strict new laws and stepped up enforcement against sex offenders and those who commit violent acts in or near our schools.
  • Second Amendment: I support concealed carry and more freedom for law abiding firearms owners.


  • Homeless: By lower taxes we will reduce homelessness. People will be able to stay in their homes. People are more charitable when they have money and are more likely to help their fellow man. Beyond that I support drug free safe zones for the homeless.
  • Compact with Micronesia: This is placing an unfair burden on the taxpayers of Hawaii. People who want to immigrate to the Hawaii and the United States should realize that they must be able work and provide for themselves and their families. The current immigration laws are leading the immigrants to believe that the government will take care of them. We should reform the immigration laws.
  • Akaka Bill: This will divide the people. This will create another government that will control people’s lives and that is the lat thing we need. We can expect endless lawsuits that will cost all of us tons of money if this passes.
  • Jones Act: The Jones Act increases the cost of living in Hawaii. I support an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act.
  • Endorsements you would like to list:
  • Senator Sam Slom
  • Build-PAC Hawaii
  • Hawaii Right to Life

Contact information:

Phone: 222-9145


Mail: P.O. Box 25023; Honolulu, HI 96825

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