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BY William Crawley – August 11 is a critical day for businesses in Hawaii because John Carroll is the only candidate for the U.S. Senate who knows that shipping expenses hurt our prices, profitability, and cost of living.

John Carroll is running on the Republican ballot against Linda Lingle. John needs your vote so he can help you to cut your costs of doing business in Hawaii. Please take a Republican ballot and cast your vote for John on August 11. Here’s why.


The ships that carry the goods you sell or need to make products you sell or that take your products to other markets are bound by a law called the Jones Act. It requires foreign ships to take their contents to the west coast without stopping in Hawaii en route.  Those goods then have to be taken off that ship and reloaded onto another ship to Hawaii. That doesn’t make sense, does it? Foreign ships should be able to unload their Hawaii-bound goods in Hawaii on the way to the west coast. That would eliminate double shipping costs and make it possible for Hawaii businesses to cut their expenses and lower their prices, thus increasing their profitability. It means we have to wait longer for shipments of things we sell. It adds days to the freshness of the food we import.

It also works against Hawaii businesses that want to send their products overseas. Either way, coming or going, that unnecessary extra trip adds to your costs of doing business and the prices you charge to your customers. Want an example? Mainland buyers can buy the same car for $750 less than Hawaii buyers can, even though the trip from Asia to Hawaii is half the distance to the west coast. We should have the lower shipping costs but we don’t thanks to the Jones Act.

John Carroll has long advocated that Hawaii be granted an exemption to the Jones Act so we can lower the costs we pay and pass on to the customers.

Linda Lingle had 8 years as governor to ask Congress or President Bush for the exemption and she never took action. If she is elected to the U.S. Senate, she still will not take action because she doesn’t see this is as vital to the profitability of our Hawaii businesses or the cost of living of Hawaii residents.

John Carroll is a businessman. An Air Force veteran and fighter jet pilot, he flew 31 years for Hawaiian Airlines and founded and was CEO and Chairman of Hawaii Aviation Contract Services. He owns and operates a Big Island ranch. He went from Air Force JAG officer to a successful law practice. As a former state senator, he championed the cause of businesses in Hawaii.

Please help me to elect John Carroll to the U.S. Senate.

On August 11, we can elect John, who is a successful businessman, or we can go along with Linda Lingle who in 8 years as governor didn’t help Hawaii businesses. Hawaii businesses need a strong advocate in Washington. John will speak for us and make sure we are heard in Congress. Please tell your friends, co-workers, employees, customers, associates, family, and everyone you know that John needs your vote on August 11 on the Republican ballot. With your help in getting the word out, John Carroll can become our voice in Congress.

William Crawley is a resident of Oahu





  1. I am a Merchant Mariner and I have worked on vessels in Jones Act trade. I must say, your analysis of how the Jones Act functions is almost entirely incorrect. The Jones Act does not require good from overseas to first travel to mainland U.S. and then to Hawaii. Also, any time foreign goods are brought to Hawaii, they can be discharged in Hawaii on the first stop.

    The Jones Act requires that goods traveling between two U.S. ports must be transported on U.S. flag ships. This Act supports good American jobs and American companies. Goods that travel from Hawaii to the continental U.S., and vice versa, must travel on U.S. flag vessels. This does not affect the freshness of your food. In fact, since dedicated carriers such as Matson Navigation and Horizon Lines have regular Hawaii runs, your state is practically guaranteed a continually fresh supply of food. The costs associated with this transportation are essentially the same whether your milk traveled on a U.S. flag ship or a Chinese flag ship. Wouldn’t we, as Americans, prefer to support US jobs in today’s economy, not those of foreign companies?

    Jones Act opponents continue to spread false doctrine in the media. Your assessment of the Jones Act is patently false and it is clear you did little to no research in writing this piece.

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