Julia Allen (R): State Representative, District 20, (St. Louis Heights, Palolo Valley, Maunalani Heights, Wilhelmina Rise, Kaimuki)

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Julia E. Allen



Name: Julia E. Allen

Current job: Small Business owner & Legislative Aide

Residence: How long you’ve lived in the district: First 5 years of my life and the last 34.

Background: What qualifies you for the position? What else have you run for? Have you been in public office before and if so, what position? By working in local businesses for 34 years, being a small business owner for 14 years and working as a legislative aide during session for the last 6 years, I have gained an understanding of both business and the legislative process. I know how enterprises can be harmed by governmental actions, abruptly increasing costs, and decreasing employment and expansion opportunities. I have campaigned for the state house since 2004 and been on Neighborhood Board #5 for three years.

Major issues: What are the biggest issue in your district/state and your proposed solutions? The biggest issue is the increased cost of living. Our district has a large elderly population living on a fixed income. Any increase in taxes and fees combined with rising food, transportation, insurance and utility costs, present an overwhelming burden to many of us. The uncertain economy prevents an improvement in business activity and addition of more jobs. We need to reduce taxes and government mandates to make Hawaii more business friendly.

Budget philosophy: What is your budget philosophy? Do you foresee increases in revenue through tax hikes and fees or do you believe in cutting spending? We need to reduce government spending. All levels of government are spending more than the taxpayers can afford. We are paying too much in debt service. Increasing tax rates will suppress business activity further which will reduce tax revenues not increase them.

Taxes and fees: Do you believe Hawaii’s taxes should be lowered or increased? If you do plan to raise taxes and fees, which specific taxes or fees would you increase? Or would you sign a pledge that says you will not raise taxes? I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, to oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes. We need to lower taxes, not increase them. We need to reward people for being successful, not punish them with more taxes.

Rail: If the city has difficulty raising enough revenue for the rail, would you support state tax support for the rail project? No, I am opposed to the rail project because we cannot afford it nor will it solve our traffic congestion. Also, we lack the necessary population size and density to support it.

Legalized Gambling: Do you believe gambling should be legalized in Hawaii in any form and if so, in what form? Social gambling is legal in Hawaii. I do not support any other form of gambling, such as a state lottery or casinos.

Public Education: What are your plans to support the public education system while ensuring accountability and results for our students? Do you support an appointed or elected school board? I support creating local school districts, which would be more responsive to the community, in place of our single statewide district, with funding going directly to the schools. Principals need to be able to hire and fire teachers and support staff, while providing incentives for teachers who perform better.

Economic Growth: What are your plans to promote long-term economic growth for Hawaii? Long-term economic growth is the result of having lower taxation, limited government regulations, and a stable, predictable business environment.

Crime: What is your solution to making Oahu a safer place to live and visit? All crime needs to be treated quickly and seriously, especially property crime. We need judges who will enforce our existing penalties.

Second Amendment: Would you support concealed carry or more freedom for law abiding firearms owners, do you feel the current laws should remain in place, or do you believe stricter gun laws should be in place? I would introduce and support bills for open carry and concealed carry. The 2nd Amendment states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and yet we have laws that do just the opposite.

Homeless: What is your solution to homelessness? To effectively address our homeless population, we need all levels of government agencies, business groups and private community service agencies to work together to identify and prioritize different groups of homeless people, before we can determine the best solutions. Solutions depend upon the reasons why people are homeless and the length of time they have been. The limited supply of low rent housing is a serious problem and any loss of such housing adds to our homeless population.

Compact with Micronesia: Micronesians are able to freely move to Hawaii, which they are doing in large numbers to take advantage of the public education system, medical services and other government benefits. But the governor and other public officials say they are taxing Hawaii’s resources and costing the state more than $100 million a year. This is a federal decision, but would you share your view on whether the Compact with Micronesia should remain in place, should there be some parameters put on the Compact or do you have other solutions? The taxpayers of Hawaii bear an unfair burden paying for the social services required by the Micronesians who are able to immigrate to the United States without visas. The Federal Government covers only a small part of these costs, while having created this mostly unfunded mandate. The Federal Government could amend the Compact of Free Association to require legal standards for residency, so that Micronesian citizens unable to care for themselves do not become the responsibility of our state.

Akaka Bill: What is your position on the Akaka Bill? Do you believe it will unite or divide Hawaii? What is your vision for how the Akaka Bill will change Hawaii? The Akaka Bill is divisive. It divides the state, communities and families along bloodlines. There never has been a state wide, Hawaiian bloodline only, government entity. The registered voters of Hawaii voted to be a state, not something else, and it would be wrong now to create something else that doesn’t and never has existed, by passing a bill in Congress. If the Akaka Bill passes Congress and is signed into law, it will create confusion, conflict and tremendous uncertainty, all of which will harm the long-term welfare of our state.

Jones Act: Opponents of the federal Jones Act say it increases the cost of living in Hawaii through a shipping duopoly while supporters say it is needed to ensure port security and American jobs. While this is a federal decision, would you share your view on whether you support an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act or should it remain in place? I support an exemption for Hawaii from the Jones Act. The Jones Act increases costs for surface goods to Hawaii.

Endorsements you would like to list:  Paychecks Hawaii

Any additional comments: Yes to liberty & freedom of choice. No to more taxes.

Contact information

Phone: 808-255-8915

E-mail: julia-allen@hawaii.rr.com

Mail: PO Box 2805, Honolulu, HI 96803

Web site address: https://www.julia-allen.com

Campaign Slogan or Theme (optional):
“The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”