Just Like the Green Movement in Iran, There Is Much the US Can Do to Aid Freedom in Hong Kong

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Amongst the headlines the mainstream media is pushing, hidden in the middle toward the bottom, is the news about the freedom fighters protesting in Hong Kong. Just as with the Green Movement that sought the overthrown of the oppressive Islamofascist mullahs in Iran, the United States has an opportunity to advance freedom in the world by aiding those who are fighting for it.

In 2009, during the Obama Administration, tens of thousands of indigenous (read: Persian) Iranians (the Iranian mullahs are not Persian, they are Arab) took to the streets in what some called the Green Revolution and/or the Persian Spring. They did so to protest the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the extreme oppression of Islamofascist rule. They sought regime change; change that would return their country to a semblance of freedom. Sadly, at that moment in time, the Obama Administration (which turned out to be sympathetic to the mullahs) did nothing but serve up rhetoric as their contribution to the cause.



The Persians of Iran remain oppressed by their usurper Islamofascist Arab occupiers (hey, if they can call Israelis “occupiers” then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander) to this day.

Hong Kong is a bit of a different animal because of the agreement made between Britain and China; the agreement that facilitated the handover of the nation. In that agreement, it was stipulated that the Communist Chinese government would guarantee the achievement of universal suffrage and assure the continued existence of a capitalist economic system as well as governmental systems that would remain separate from mainland China.

With China’s hybrid Communist-Capitalist system facilitating the manipulation of the value of its currency globally, the opportunity exists – through the vantage point of economics – for the Communist Chinese government to establish a metastasizing presence in Hong Kong. This is exactly what the freedom fighters of Hong Kong are addressing.

The protests started in June of 2019 over a Communist Chinese imposed extradition bill that would affect those living in Hong Kong – a (now) province of China’s that was acquired with the guarantee of a separate governmental system from that of mainland China. By putting into power puppets of Beijing Communist China has expanded its governmental influence into Hong Kong to effectively render the autonomous governmental system moot.

To be certain, this is a defining point in Hong Kong’s history and one in which the world should be taking a bigger interest.

Today, the United States has a President who is not intimidated by the Communist Chinese. He is willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the milquetoast globalists as well as the Progressive-Fascists in Congress to finally address Chinese currency manipulation and their illegal acquisition of our intellectual property. This sets the stage for freedom’s opportunity.

We have long heard about Donald Trump’s prowess in negotiating a deal. To date, he has plucked some low-hanging political fruit, even if the mainstream media won’t acknowledge the achievements. But the situation in Hong Kong offers him the biggest prize to date.

If President Trump can turn up the heat so that the Communist Chinese are made to live up to their promise of maintaining a separate economic and governmental system in Hong Kong and pressure the Chinese to affect universal suffrage, he can go down in history as second only to Ronald Reagan for facilitating freedom internationally. The moment is at hand that will paint history, both for Hong Kong and for President Trump.

Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of the abandonment on the Green Revolution.



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