Just When You Thought Hillary Clinton Was Finished…

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Pay no attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 General Election because she was a poor and unsympathetic candidate who proposed a continuation of disastrous Progressive policies and initiatives. Mrs. Clinton is convinced that “her people” still love her and that she has a leadership role to play in guiding the country to its future. Not since Marie Antoinette has a person in a position of political privilege been so tone-deaf to reality.


Clinton’s camp has made it known that she intended to launch a Super PAC (Political Action Committee) – Onward Together – to both aid in the election of Progressives and Democrats in the 2018 Midterm Elections, and “resist” the agenda being executed by President Donald Trump. While some may see this as just another Clinton scam to raise money for their politically-inclined globalist lifestyle (look at the cash cow the Clinton Foundation turned out to be), we would all be well advised to take her effort seriously.

It isn’t that Clinton is ruthless. That she is. All one has to do is talk to anyone who has ever crossed her or found themselves in her cross-hairs – both figuratively and literally – to know that Mrs. Clinton truly believes that the ends justify the means. From her willingness to decimate ethics considerations in the Watergate scandal to her cold-bloodedness in the FBI and Travelgate scandals, from her smearing of women who had been sexually assaulted by her “sex-o-holic” husband to her blatant lies to the families of those slaughtered and left for done in Benghazi, Mrs. Clinton’s reptilian demeanor when it comes to making sure that she wins – at all cost – is the stuff of legends.

And it isn’t that she has a hair-trigger temper. That she does. Ask any Secret Service agent charged with her bodywork and you will hear a litany of horror stories that would – for anyone else – culminate in either job termination of legal charges of abuse. The stories coming out of her failed 2016 campaign staff only further codify the claims of her astounding temper to the truths of history.

No, the reason that Mrs. Clinton and her PAC need to be taken quite seriously is because she is a devoted sycophant to Saul Alinsky. It is her steadfast determination to winning at all cost; her unwavering belief that the ends justify the means – that anything can be justified or rationalized if the end result is winning, that makes her so dangerous.

Mrs. Clinton was so enamored with Alinsky that she not only cultivated a personal relationship with the Progressive figurehead but devoted her college thesis at Wellesley College to the man. As was written in, of all places, HillaryClintonQuarterly.com, “Alinsky was both the ladder Hillary climbed to gain new perspectives on society…and then, once there, a ladder she tossed aside when she no longer needed it”; yet another example of the cold-blooded political beast that is Hillary Clinton.

Armed with the indentured soul of Saul Alinsky and the working knowledge afforded her by years of associations with the likes of George Soros, Peter Lewis, Tom Steyer, David Brock, and John Podesta (among others), and embraced by the Progressive mainstream media, Mrs. Clinton promises to be one of the most divisive and destructive forces in American political history; far worse than Woodrow Wilson or Franklin D. Roosevelt. Her private-sector political activities will necessarily dwarf any perceived accomplishment of her Progressive nemesis, Barack Obama.

No. Hillary Clinton, now cast aside by the halls of governmental power, is set to seek revenge for her rejection by becoming one of the most powerful forces for Progressivism in the history of the ideological movement. When you combine her motives with her “win-at-all-cost” determination and her “ends-justifies-the-means” ethics, only the foolish and the politically naïve will dismiss the threat she poses to the future of the United States of America.




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