Kailua depends on Tourism, not the Neighborhood Board

Kailua's community gets together every year for the "I Love Kailua Town Party"
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Kailua’s community gets together every year for the “I Love Kailua Town Party”

BY WILL PAGE – Whereas lies and unsubstantiated claims have no place in good governance…

Last Thursday, September 5, the Kailua Neighborhood Board passed a resolution calling upon the Hawaii Tourism Authority to stop promoting Kailua as a visitor destination with “whereas” that are NOT statements of facts.


Not a single member of the community spoke in favor of that resolution. Three Kailua residents spoke against the measure.

Now therefore, we the Kailua community challenges the Kailua Neighborhood Board 31 to show us a single report where short-term rentals take housing away from local residents.

Show us any statistic that relates the impact of short-term rentals to local rents and home prices.

Show us a sociological survey that correlates an increase in crime associated with B&Bs and vacation rentals.  Show us the police reports.  Show us the insurance claims. Do they have a scrap of proof?

Show us any newspaper article that reports the negative impact of short-stay rentals on the social, economic, and cultural character of our neighborhoods. Especially the economics. Show us the negative impact of tourism on the economy of Kailua.

Show us the negative impact of taxed paid by tourism businesses and its negative impact on the State and City budgets.

In other words, show us any shred of evidence they have to substantiate any of this shibai presented whereas facts against tourism.

Be it resolved that the Kailua Neighborhood Board 31 has no honest place in the good governance of Kailua.

Kailua shops, restaurants, and activity operators depend upon tourism as does the entire State of Hawaii.

We would like to see the Hawaii Tourism Authority increase its promotion of Kailua as a visitor destination and an alternative to lively Waikiki.

Will Page is the President of Page Marketing, Inc. in Kailua, Hawaii.






  1. Mr. Page is self-serving liar. Kailua is a bedroom community of Honolulu. Over the years, as tourism has continued to grow, many visitors discover Kailua. Shops sprung up catering to the visitors. Kailua became a brand. Wasn't there a store called "So Kailua?" It seemed to me (a 45 year Lanikai resident) Kaneohe Ranch had a vision of Kailua being Carmel or Sausalito. Semi-touristy, beautiful and an exclusive community for the wealthy. We shall see what the new owners envision when the Castle family sells. And, I am afraid, Mr. Page will be correct. It's not the end of the world. We sold our Lanikai beachfront property (to a Hollywood screenwriter) and moved to the island of Hawaii. It's better here. Kailua will never be like it was in 1958. My advice: sell tothe greedy newcomers and find real Hawaii elsewhere.

  2. When you consider there are approximately 40,000 residents living around Kailua, I question how many of those residents livelihoods are directly dependent on the “Kailua” Tourism industry? At most, there are only 500 full-time employees who are working for legitimate “Kailua” tourism-oriented businesses located in Kailua town. So how can anyone claim “Kailua” tourism is so critical to the wellbeing of the community? I also think it’s fair to say that over 80% of those job pay less than $15/hour. With the medium price of a home above $800,000 in Kailua, these jobs do not even provide a working-wage for Kailua residents? People like Will Page and Gloria Garvey are trying to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge when they claim “Kailua” will be impoverish if we shut down the “illegal” vacation rentals in our residential neighborhoods! These businesses are illegal and they cause more harm than good for our community.

    • Interesting insight… If only 500 of the 40,000 people who live in Kailua depend of tourism, that's only 1.25% of the population. Why has 1.25% of the population been allowed to impose their will on tax paying citizens like this? Where on earth, other than in dictator controlled countries, has such a small minority of profiteers been given so much power over an overwhelmingly supermajority of residents?

  3. Just to be clear…I estimated only about 500 Kailua residents have a Job in the “Kailua” tourism industry. I am sure that many of Kailua residents have jobs in the Waikiki hotel and tourism industry.

    Tourism is very important economic contributor to the State of Hawaii (only second to Federal & State expenditures), but Kailua’s tourism industry is extremely insignificant. Furthermore, the illegal vacation rental industry contributes ZERO to our economy since visitors can still come to Hawaii and stay in legitimate lodging. Cleverly, the illegal vacation rental owners have created the myth that the “primary” reason their guests come to Hawaii is to stay in their “illegal” residential-zone accommodations. The truth is visitors come to Hawaii to enjoy Hawaii and can have a wonderful time staying in legitimate accommodations. It should be noted that all of our resort districts around the island now offer vacation rentals in addition to hotel rooms. So the augment that vacation rentals can only be located in residential zoning is hogwash! The bottom-line is vacation rentals in residential zoning hurt the Kailua residential community

    • Appreciate the clarification. You make another fascinating point. Enforcing illegal B&B laws does not automatically equal a loss in revenues for the tourism industry. In fact, doing so has the potential to benefit the entire State of Hawaii. The increased demand for legal visitor accommodations will trigger the construction of new hotels and new hotels will trigger renovations on older hotels. This would surely benefit Hawaii's construction industry, an industry which is still in the recovery mode. New hotels also equal new hotel worker jobs, jobs that were lost when many rooms were converted to time shares. Surprised that Hawaii's construction and hotel workers unions haven't caught onto this.

  4. are these vacation rentals that are in " legitimate commercial zones" private residentials owned by private property owners? and how can a homeowner who wishes to rent out his home to tourists apply for commercial zoning?

  5. Anyone can purchase a resort-zoned vacation home property. Right now, there are numerous properties available in Waikiki, Ko Olina and Turtle Bay. In addition, anyone can petition the City to have their property parcel zoning changed to resort and any other zoning classification.

  6. Neighborhood Board 31 does not have the right to fabricate misinformation for the purpose of controlling the Kailua economy. Neighborhood Board 31 has misrepresented the commercial interests of Kailua to the effect of hurting the Kailua community. Jobs are lost. Businesses close. Kailua residents move elsewhere. The population of Kailua is falling. Families are gone. Agriculture in Koolaupoko is dying. There is no affordable housing. Why? Why are there no new homes or apartments in Kailua? When was Neighborhood Board 31ever in favor or any level of sustainability for our community. NB31 does not have the right to kill Kailua as a viable community!

    • Not a good idea to build an economy around illegal commercial activity. I'm glad that the KNB spoke out against lawlessness in our neighborhoods.

    • That is because Board 31 wants to control the town population. It does not want anyone to make money and will do anything in it's power to prevent the commoner from getting a head.

      Just look at news reports with any board member, they are such zealous fleecers, they can't even look at the interviewer in the eyes.

  7. To the outsider:

    It looks like a bunch of Caucasian howlies got their parents inheritance and moved to Kailua and now think they own it. The are trying to force their own agenda to keep the town WHITE.

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