Kailua Videographer’s Work on Bejing Games Results in Emmy

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A Kailua videographer is part of the NBC Sports crew that has been awarded a national Emmy for their work on the Olympic Summer Games held in August in Beijing.

Gene Kois, owner of Specific Video, received the Emmy in the category of Technical Team Remote. The award cites his work as camera operator on NBC’s coverage of the track & field competition at the Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed the Bird’s Nest.


Kois was brought to Hawaii by Oceanic Cable in 1975 to work on its original public access and local origination channels. In 1976, he joined Videololo, one of Hawaii’s very first video production companies.

In 1979, he set up Specific Video, and continues to supply video production and media project management to local, national, and international clients.

This is Kois’ third national Emmy since 1988. He is also a vocalist and drummer for Tell Mama, a local rock/blues band.