Kauai man arrested after posting video of drinking and driving online

Richard Gerald Godbehere, Jr.
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Richard Gerald Godbehere, Jr.

REPORT FROM KAUAI POLICE DEPARTMENT – Kaua’i police have arrested a Kapa‘a resident after the man posted an online video of himself drinking while driving.

Richard Gerald Godbehere, Jr. was arrested on February 22 for Consuming/Possessing Liquor While Operating a Vehicle and Driving Without a License. He has since been released pending an April court appearance.


In the roughly four-minute video, which appears to have been posted in late December, Godbehere pops open a capped beer bottle and proceeds to drink it while driving and speaking into a camera.

“I’m so happy to be drinking and driving,” states Godbehere during the video. “We all know drinking and driving is against the law; you’re not supposed to do that. But they didn’t say anything about driving and drinking,” he continued.

“Our officers spend a lot of time and effort keeping our roads safe, but it is also a shared responsibility with our community,” stated Kaua’i Police Chief Darryl Perry. “Our traffic laws are in place for a reason, and Mr. Godbehere’s blatant disregard for those laws is the type of behavior that won’t be tolerated.”

Police were informed of the publicly available video through tips on February 19, which prompted a police investigation that resulted in Godbehere’s arrest.

“This is the first case of its kind for KPD, but with the rise in popularity of online media it likely won’t be that last,” added Chief Perry. “Keeping on top of what is posted on the Internet can be an overwhelming task, but this is a great example of how our citizens can take ownership in keeping our community safe. The partnership between law enforcement and our citizens is a force multiplier and something we continue to build upon, because we are always looking at new and innovative ways to exchange information with the public.”

KPD recently announced the launch of its new Smartphone app, called KPD Tip, which allows users to anonymously report tips to police. By downloading the app to an Android or iPhone, tips can be messaged or texted directly to police without compromising the sender’s identity.

Anonymous tipsters can also submit information through CrimeStoppers by calling 241-1887, or by completing an online suspicious activity report through KPD’s website, www.kauai.gov/police.

“We want the public to know that if they are taking the time to report suspicious activity, we are making the time to investigate it,” affirmed Chief Perry. “And by publicizing this case, we hope to prevent future incidents like this from occurring.”

The Kaua’i Police Department takes this opportunity to remind residents that April is being declared “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” in Hawai’i. KPD plans to participate in the month-long campaign.





  1. It sounds as though he was already drunk before getting into his car, if he thought that 'driving and drinking' was being clever and videoing it on top of that. This man sure needs help and I hope his family is paying attention, before he really hurts himself or even worse, an innocent driver and passenger. Detox Centers

  2. He is sure a bad example for the kids. This is what some of the reality shows do…they make a joke out of doing crazy things. Kids should know that this guy is a disaster waiting to happen. Acting like an alcoholic doesn't do yourself or anyone any good.

  3. This guy is addicted to his own crazy mind. His sense of humor is the most warped I've seen in a long time. Not funny and he should be jailed for being a bad example to society.

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