Kerry Takes Fire For Yachting During Egypt Crisis

US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during an event releasing the Annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) Report June 19, 2013
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US Secretary of State John Kerry

As the crisis in Egypt unfolded, a far more minor intrigue arose in Nantucket: Was Secretary of State John Kerry on a yacht Wednesday or not?

Briefly, he was, it turned out.

On Wednesday, a CBS News producer snapped a picture of a yacht and reported that the secretary was on board. The State Department initially called that report “completely inaccurate” but did not elaborate on Kerry’s whereabouts, saying only that he was working all day and phoned in to a Situation Room meeting on Egypt that afternoon. …


“While he was briefly on his boat on Wednesday,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “Secretary Kerry worked around the clock all day, including participating in the president’s meeting with his National Security Council and calls with Norwegian Foreign Minister Eade, Qatari Foreign Minister al-Attiyah, Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu, Egyptian Constitution Party President ElBaradei and five calls to Ambassador Patterson on that day alone.”

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  1. Maybe he was sailing to the hospital to visit his ailing wife…or partying with whores. I would guess the latter.

  2. Every leader should be as close as he can to his people. This man is a coward in my opinion and doesn't deserve any respect

  3. this is every day news where I'm from. We constantly see picture and videos with our president and other political people drinking and having fun at parties while the country is in crisis

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