Kimo Sutton to file and run for GOP Lt. Gov

Kimo Sutton
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Kimo Sutton
Kimo Sutton

SUBMITTED BY THE CAMPAIGN OF KIMO SUTTON FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR – With the primary election just a few weeks away on Aug.9th, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, Kimo Sutton is starting with a media blitz and filing papers signed by supporters. This week Kimo will meet with GOP groups for support and discussing issues.

A new website will be launched along with a new Facebook page for any supporter to “like” to join. Emails will also invite thousands to participate in his election.


The slogan of of Balance, Integrity, Experience,Teamwork is similar to Duke Aiona’s slogan in his new commercial with the word Balance in it also. Duke has not come out for any candidate though this similarity could be a notice that he does not want the label of extremist that the Democrats used in the last campaign when the evangelical chair of the Republican party called him morally superior and “righteous” candidates.

This issue caused a wedge in the perception of Duke and his team mate. Kimo has balance by being in the party for his lifetime and contribution to the issues on the platform committee and a delegate to the National convention in 2012 in
Orlando. He first was elected at 24 in 1978 to the Con Con. 25 years on his Neighborhood Board Kimo was also chair.

Many primary voters turn out for the GOP primary and have little contact to campaigns as they are not registered Republicans. Veterans, Small Business owners, blue collar workers, and people with a wide assortment of backgrounds turnout to have a secret vote, if there are enough ballots this election.

Kimo Sutton was Vice Chair of the Panel (EARP) that preceded the elections commission and want to see better oversight of the elections, more education to voters, and accountability. He also has out of the box solutions to get more people to vote in Hawaii.

Not being able to supply ballots to polling places by the Department of Elections was directly responsible for thousands of waiting voters kept them from participating. Kimo Sutton wants the process to be once again have credibility with all the people of Hawaii. Responsibility should be shared by the Lt. Governor.