Earthday Summit 2016


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.48.04 AMAloha friends and fellow humans, Our living planet has been there for all life for millions of years. Many of us have been working for decades to raise consciousness of human degradation of our home and the incredible positive potential for Humans to discover deep connections with all Life on this indispensable Earth. I began a campaign, “LifeVoice,” 22-years ago to lift up the voices of those who are invisible or voiceless in the industrial age. It has become my life’s work. Through the years, I’ve poured my entire life savings and conservatively 65% of my time, to date. While I’m not rich in things, I’m wealthy in things unseen. Still, the blue dot of Earth shines across the solar system as the single jewel of life in this sector. Though incremental change has emerged around the planet, overall society has not been awakened to the positive benefits of adopting consciousness as a way of life. However, passion, perseverance, people and planet are motivating me onward, and I shall continue on this path of lifting up the voices of the voiceless. What if we all acted from knowing we are all ONE?

On this #EarthDay2016, won’t you join those who are speaking out and standing up for the Earth and her people at the 2016 Earthday Summit? This special gathering will feature 15+ esteemed environmental leaders, innovators, activists, scientists and ecologists who are offering a renewed sense of hope, step-by-step solutions for local and global action — and restored reverence for Mother Earth. ‪#‎EarthDaySummit‬ Friends of the Earth, including Starhawk, Chief Phil Lane, Jr., David Crow, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and others, will share their visionary insights and inspired actions for a healthy, sustainable and thriving planet.


May your bEarthday be blessed!

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