Language Diversity = Divisiveness

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BY DONALD A. MOSKOWITZ– The U.S. is an English speaking country, not a bi-lingual or multi-lingual speaking country.  Our government conducts all business in English.  Our military communicates only in English.  Can you envision military commanders giving commands to attack in numerous languages?  U.S. businesses typically communicate in English. One of the many strengths of this country is its outstanding communications system.

All roadside signs, instructions, business correspondence, school classes, and general communications should be in English, with no references to any foreign languages.


Immigrants have to learn English and our children have to be proficient in English..

It can be beneficial for people to be fluent in a second language such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, etc.  Our country needs expertise in foreign languages, but this should be subservient to fluency in English.  U.S. citizens who cannot speak and write English as a primary language are probably placing themselves at a disadvantage on the ladder to success in this country.

We should not promote language diversity, because it will lead to divisiveness, the same type of divisiveness we see in numerous foreign countries.

Donald A. Moskowitz is a resident of Londonderry, NH





  1. An educated person is a way different from uneducated person. He or she always thinks for the benefit or the success of their nation or country. They work as a representative of their country. They always work to make up name of their country.

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