Latest Hirono Ad Contines to Pad Lackluster Resume

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Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle

REPORT FROM LINDA LINGLE’S US SENATE CAMPAIGN – Governor Linda Lingle’s Campaign Manager, Bob Lee, released the following statement today in response to Mazie Hirono’s current campaign ad touting her accomplishments in education policy.

“There she goes again. Hirono is blanketing the airwaves with another misleading ad aimed at beefing up her resume to divert attention from her sparse record as a Congresswoman and Lieutenant Governor,” Linda Lingle Senate Committee Campaign Manager Bob Lee said.”Hirono’s new ad claims that she ‘created’ Hawaii’s Pre-plus early learning program, and insinuates that she had a hand in creating the America Competes Act with President Obama. It’s a telling act of desperation for Hirono to tout the great efforts of so many others as her own accomplishments.

“Despite Hirono’s attempts to re-write history, the Pre-Plus early learning program was initially developed in 2001 when State and private agencies such as the Good Beginnings Alliance, Hawaii Association for the Education of Young Children, Head Start and the legislature’s Keiki Caucus began working collaboratively. Much later, in February 2002, the Lieutenant Governor’s office assumed oversight of the project until the Cayetano Administration left office just 10 months later. Following Governor Lingle’s inauguration in December 2002, management of the Pre-Plus program was transferred to the Department of Human Services, who under the Lingle Administration successfully secured over $10 million in funding to build preschools on elementary school campuses throughout the State.


“If Hirono wants to claim ‘creation’ of the program, even if she only had 10 months of oversight after the program was already established, we feel it’s important to get the facts straight.

“Furthermore, in direct contrast to Mazie’s television commercial, neither Hirono nor President Obama had any leadership role in drafting the America Competes Act. In fact, it was former President Bush who in 2007 pushed for this landmark legislation, which emphasized STEM-education. In May 2010, Hirono merely voted (along with almost every other member of Congress) to extend the provisions of the 2007 Act, and President Obama signed it.

“Unfortunately for the people of Hawaii, this type of resume-padding behavior is business as usual for Hirono, who is well versed in taking credit for the achievements of others.

“Like so many of her so-called signature accomplishments, these were actually the result of the leadership and collaboration of others – including members of the Lingle Administration,” Bob Lee added. “As we move through this election season, our campaign team will continue to set the record straight on Mazie’s outlandish claims, and we are hopeful the media will also hold the candidates responsible for the truth.”

Visit the following link to read Governor Lingle’s education policy, and view her past accomplishments: